Müller, Chairman of the Power Strengthening Committee, “It is possible to appoint a coach of all nationalities at home and abroad”

 Michael Müller, the new head of the Korea Football Association’s Power Reinforcement Committee, said, “We will keep all possibilities open” regarding the appointment of the new national team coach.

At the inauguration press conference held on the 11th at the Seoul Sinmun-ro Soccer Hall, Chairman Muller said that he would start from a blank slate regarding his first task, the appointment of the men’s national soccer team coach, regardless of domestic and foreign affairs. He delivered his inauguration speech saying he would faithfully fulfill his role.

On the 4th, after Lee Yong-soo, former vice chairman and chairman of the Korea Football Association, resigned, Chairman Muller, who was appointed as the first foreign power reinforcement chairman in history, said in Korean at a press conference that day, “Hello, nice to meet you. Happy New Year. My name is Michael Muller.” I got lucky. Then, in English, Chairman Müller spoke in detail about the process and criteria for appointing the next director, and his role and duties as chairman. 바카라

When asked about the appointment of a coach, Müller said, “We are going to open a power reinforcement committee to discuss it. We will start the appointment process according to the guidelines. So far, there is no standard for the nationality of the coach. The process will proceed according to clear standards. It’s a plan. The contract period has not been decided. It will depend on the negotiations, but personally, I think a long-term contract is better.”

Regarding the guidelines for the new appointment process, he said, “I made it into five major themes. Professionalism, manager’s experience, clear motivation, teamwork, and environmental factors.” Regarding the selection of the first candidates, he said, “I received a list of candidates from the previous committee. Thank you, but for now, I will review it blank. I will mobilize my personal network.”

Chairman Muller, who announced that he would continue to provide information while promoting work in stages, said that he would also reflect the opinions of the national team players. “We will make sure that the director is appointed according to the procedure,” he added.