Morant closes police investigation ‘not guilty’ [NBA]

Ja Morant, 23, has been found not guilty 메이저사이트 of gun possession in a Colorado police investigation.

According to reporter Shams Caniraa of the media, Morant received a ‘not guilty’ decision from the Glendale, Colorado police on the 9th (Korean time), saying, “There was not enough evidence to charge him with a crime.”

Morant was recognized for filming the video during legal operating hours at a business called ‘Shotgun Willis’. In particular, when Morant uploaded the video, he did not receive a firearm-related report, so he could be acquitted.

Above all, it turned out that the gun Morant was holding was not real, and there was no fact that he threatened anyone with a gun.

Morant, who escaped judicial punishment, is now awaiting an investigation by the NBA bureau.