‘Miracle of Adelaide’ Kwon Soon-woo, “Are you coming to the Davis Cup intuition?”

“No, Kwon Soon-woo defeated Draper and made it to the finals?” “Isn’t this different from the plan(?)?” Grand Slam appearance for the first time in 4 years since the 2019 US Open. On the 13th, I arrived in Melbourne in 20 hours by Qantas from Incheon, but the schedule of the reporters was disrupted by unexpected good news from Adelaide. Early on, I made an appointment to meet and interview Kwon Soon-woo’s coach Yoo Daniel on the Melbourne practice court just before the first round of the Australian Open, but the Australian Open is no longer a problem.

A situation in which the third ATP Tour championship in Korean tennis history was at stake. As soon as I got my accommodation, I inquired about a domestic flight to Adelaide the next day, and managed to apply for coverage of the 2nd Adelaide International Final Final thanks to the prompt response of the tennis association officials. Phew~

Unplanned trip to Adelaide… a green and eco-friendly cityI skipped breakfast and headed to Adelaide, 700km away from Melbourne. Thanks to Wi-Fi support on domestic flights in Australia, I was nervous watching the final match against veteran Agood through real-time text messages, and only got off in Adelaide after the first set was over. Fortunately, the stadium and airport are only 15 minutes away. I rode a KIA vehicle that supports Adelaide International, the main sponsor of the Australian Open, and arrived at the court in the middle of the second set after racing under the escort of tournament officials.

“Adelaide is much more environmentally friendly than Melbourne, Australia’s second most polluted city. In particular, be sure to see the pelicans that haunt the city’s riverside!” The friendly explanation from the tournament official to the eagerly awaited reporters still lingered in my ears,

“Come on, Kwon!” Locals cheering enthusiastically

After exchanging sets one by one, I thought ‘It’s over now’ as the third set and the third serve game were broken, but what is this? Kwon Soon-woo threw his racket in the middle of the second set, looked at Coach Yoo Daniel, and asked, “What should I do?” Bold strokes and aggressive net play in the game. At the final match point, after the Hawkeye decision, Agood’s ball was out, and Kwon Soon-woo threw a bright smile as if he couldn’t believe it. 메이저사이트

Korea Tennis ‘Promised Land’ AustraliaUnlike Hyung-taek Lee’s victory at the Sydney International Championship, which was the first Korean player to conquer the top of the Australian ATP competition in 20 years, and Soon-woo Kwon, who had almost no spectators at the Astana Open the year before, it was the best moment of his life enjoyed amid enthusiastic cheering from a full crowd. Kwon Soon-woo has only won 10 cases in which a “lucky loser” has won the singles at an ATP tour event. It was a miracle that he achieved that narrow gate, and that was achieved by breaking through Busta and Agut, who were close to the world’s top 10.

In the interview after the final match, an Australian reporter asked Soon-Woo Kwon, “Do you know Hyung-Taek Lee?” Is it because Agood defeated Australian player Kokinakis in the semifinals the previous day and hated the home fans? It seems that the Australian audience, who chanted “Come on” all the time, also added a lot of strength.

‘Serious about the hair style’..Every single fan serviceThe highly anticipated first round of the Australian Open. Kwon Soon-woo was eliminated in the early stages after a 3 hour 8 minute battle in Crazy Mode (42 aces/83 winners in the 1st round?) of Eubanks (straight round 2 ‘Gwangtal’). Adelaide 1st and 2nd competitions 11 games must have accumulated fatigue. This American player is 198 cm tall, but he added a little lie and his face is the size of a fist. The tall players I met in Melbourne, such as John Isner and Porphyrin, the rising star of Australia, were all ‘small heads’.

While talking about my hair, my face was shadowed during the interview for the Adelaide competition, so I asked, “Please lift your hat” during the official interview, and I heard the reply, “I’m sorry I’m sensitive about my hairstyle, but it’s difficult.” The ‘fighting spirit’ was already known, but we have to respect the player’s intention. Oh, for reference, Agood is cruising through the round of 16 of the Australian Open, beating Murray, the ‘marathon tennis’. Has the Adelaide final loss been the medicine?

Armed with ‘forehand craftsman’ and aggressive returns… A new racket also plays a partKwon Soon-woo, whose specialty is a rising ball stroke that is half a beat fast enough to be called a forehand master. The aggressive ‘Staff in Return’ practiced during winter training was effective in Adelaide, and above all, it was said that he gained confidence in confrontations with top rankers. The ATP homepage gave a generous score to the stronger second service as it settled the Adelaide competition. Coach Daniel Yoo also praised, “When Sunwoo asked me for help during the game, there was virtually no advice, and he played well under the player’s judgment.” Looking at the fact that Radukanu, the queen of the US Open, who became a regular customer of a recent Grand Slam dropout, has been in a slump while changing coaches every day, the compatibility between coach Yoo Daniel, who has studied abroad in the United States, is fluent in English, and has even experienced tour life, and Kwon Soon-woo It seems clear that it also helped the uptrend.

In fact, even at the local tennis court, a good second serve is a master, right? He said that he switched to Yonex’s ‘VCore 97’ instead of the ‘Head’ racket he had been using for a long time before and after the expedition to Australia.

‘Intuitive Opportunity’ Davis Cup…’Computer shot’ Gopin expected to face offIf you unfortunately missed Kwon Soon-woo’s match broadcast, you will have an opportunity to intuit Kwon Soon-woo’s world-class forehand in the first week of February. The Davis Cup qualifiers for the team match against Belgium are held on the indoor court of Seoul Olympic Park. When it comes to Belgium, ‘Computer Shot’ David Gopin (50th), who has been in the top 10 in the past, is a strong player. Kwon Soon-woo is currently ranked 52nd, and the two players’ styles are somewhat similar, so a more interesting matchup is expected.

There was some noise (?) with the National Sports Promotion Agency, which was in charge of managing the Olympic Park, but as it was known that it was sealed, the competition was held without much difficulty. Kwon Soon-woo, who is taking a sweet break, might appear in front of domestic fans with a new hairstyle like last year’s blonde hair.

PS. There was a time difference on a business trip back from the Australian Open, so this is a rather late intuition review.
The Australian Open, which is still in progress, will come back soon with Djokovic’s story of ‘The Return of the King’.