Messi in the Premier League… “Chelsea and Man Utd, participate in the battle for the axis”

 Premier League teams such as Chelsea and Manchester United are stepping up to bring Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) striker Lionel Messi.

England’s The Sun reported on the 3rd (Korean time), 크크크벳With reports that PSG will not offer Messi a renewal, 7 teams, including Chelsea and Manchester United, can compete for Messi.”

Earlier, French RMC Sports raised the possibility of Messi leaving the team at the end of the season on the same day.

The media said, “Messi left for Saudi Arabia without participating in team training for Saudi Arabia’s public relations ambassador work. thing,” he said.

Messi joined PSG from Barcelona on a free transfer in the summer of 2021. He played for PSG for two seasons until this season, but did not achieve any significant results.

At PSG, which is in the league’s absolute powerhouse position, winning the league is taken for granted. The important thing is that they won the UEFA Champions League, but lost to Real Madrid and were eliminated in the round of 16. Messi was also sluggish, missing a penalty kick.

This season too, PSG fans’ disappointment towards Messi reached its peak as they packed their bags in the Champions League round of 16. Even though it was a home game, he showed a reaction as if he had left his mind, such as booing at Messi.

Since then, various possibilities have been raised, such as returning to Barcelona as his home team and advancing to the US MLS and Saudi leagues, and PSG has set out to protect Messi. However, it seems that they will completely break up due to this incident.

The Sun explains that Chelsea and Manchester United can jump into the scouting match to embrace such a Messi.

The Sun said, “Chelsea wants to bring in a major player as part of the rebuilding process. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if they try to recruit Messi,” and added, “Man United is also preparing for a rebuild. A change of owner is also planned. ‘Big Signing’ It is expected. There will be no player who will excite the fans as much as Messi.”

Manchester City, where mentor Pep Guardiola is located, was also mentioned. The media added, “The reunion of Messi and Guardiola will be a dream come true for fans,” but added, “It can be tricky because of financial fair play (FFP) regulations.”