The latest price for mccoy marine 50 was updated on 29 January 2023, the cost price of Mccoy 50 L Desert Air Cooler was ₹ which is now available at 27% discount on Flipkart. The multiple payment options available to buy Mccoy 50 L Desert Air Cooler in Chhatarpur are Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking and Wallet Payment. The payment of Mccoy 50 L Desert Air Cooler on Cash on Delivery is available in Chhatarpur . On shopping from Flipkart you will save ₹ 3400 as this is the discounted rate. We also found that cheapest price forMccoy 50 L Desert Air Cooler in Chhatarpur was available online on Flipkart.Mccoy products at 27% discount is a great deal to buy online. Air Coolers are portable – Unlike AC’s, air coolers are mobile and can be moved to a room that needs to be cooled.

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Air cooler are energy efficient – The power consumed by air cooler is much less as compared to the air conditioners, so the annual energy saving is significant. To use the air cooler power consumption calculator to calculate the power consumption of your air cooler and interpret the results properly you should understand the following terms. 36 liter air cooler from Bajaj has rated power of only 100 watts. The Price of Mccoy 50 L Desert Air Cooler is valid for sale in India & is dependent on external parameters like stock, time & area of delivery메이저놀이터 . The above price is slightly more than the Wholesale price of Mccoy 50 L Desert Air Cooler & at par with the market price of Mccoy 50 L Desert Air Cooler.

Material: Plastic Desert 50 L McCoy Air Cooler, 15 ft
These are indicative values based on popular product prices. Equipped with the convenience of a portable trolley, they are your ideal companion for this summer. Watch this video to have a peek into this beautiful bond that has only grown stronger over the years. They are best suited to be installed on the window frame and hence take no floor space. Share the articleYou get a message from your electricity provider… All the price given above are in Indian Rupees & are valid for Sale in India.

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Designed to provide the best comfort no matter where they are used, these coolers are the tallest and most powerful coolers. This tabletop-cooler is the best cooling companion if there ever was any. Small, compact and with a modern design, Atomaria is super portable and can provide direct cooling while being easily carried around going from room to room. Additionally, its performance is such that it is a great fit even when used in cramped spaces like the kitchen or a puja room. A perfect companion to accompany you and keep you cool during the summer season. Buddy desert cooler comes with a foldable trolley to provide portability and ease of use.

If you are buying a new air cooler then opt for one with humidity control. Striker Tall Desert coolers are designed to keep you comfortable by providing airflow at the seated level. They come in large capacities and thus provide uninterrupted supply of cool air for longer periods. The rated power of an air cooler varies from brands to brands, type of air cooler and size of air cooler. To calculate the power consumption of your air cooler you will need to know the rated power of your air cooler. Which is quite less considering the cooling effect they offer.