Manchester United players ‘sign passing’ discovered… But did you do well?

Manchester United players are a hot topic after refusing to sign an autograph requested by a boy fan.

However, there are also opinions that Manchester United players did well.

On the 20th (Korean time),메이저놀이터 the day before the second leg of the 2022-23 UEFA Europa League quarterfinals against Sevilla in Spain, a Manchester United fan visited the Manchester United team’s lodgings to get an autograph.

The fan held out his jersey to players passing by the hotel hallway and asked for autographs, but all were refused.

The video posted on Twitter on the 21st shows Manchester United players including Bruno Fernandes, Fred and Christian Eriksen ignoring a boy fan’s autograph. Several players greeted, but none signed autographs.

When the video was released, Manchester United players were criticized for ignoring a young fan’s earnest requests.

However, some claim that the Manchester United players did the right thing.

The reason is that evidence was found that the boy who asked for an autograph was not just a fan, but a scalper.

A scalper is a person who resells cheap things, such as concert or game tickets, at a higher price.

Suspicion was raised that the boy was a scalper in that he had several uniforms in his hands.

According to the British Daily Mail, in order to prevent such an act of misusing autographs as a means of making money, players are regularly instructed to refuse autograph requests from suspected ‘scalpers’.

“It’s huge business,” said one fan covering the Manchester United squad. “They use kids to get autographs, frame kits and sell them for hundreds of pounds.”

Another fan shouted, “The uniform sellers are 100% using kids as bait. Watch the players flatten their jerseys when signing autographs.”