Man U’s spider hand’s strong recommendation “It’s perfect for us”

▲ 1998/99 Manchester United Treble protagonist and legendary goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel
▲ Dortmund recommends signing England national team midfielder Jude Bellingham
▲ Schmeichel sees Bellingham as “the perfect player for Manchester United”

[] Correspondent Moon-Soo Park If you can’t make it to the Champions League, wouldn’t Manchester United be an attractive토토사이트 enough option?”

Legendary Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has recommended Bellingham to move to Manchester United. Of course, this is Schmeichel’s personal opinion.

On the 15th (local time), Schmeichel conveyed his thoughts on the recent rise of his parent team Manchester United through the ‘Global Edition’ of this media (

What caught my attention was the mention of Bellingham. “I think Bellingham would be the perfect player for our team, but we might not be an attractive option right now,” Schmeichel said. It can be,” he sent a love call to Bellingham.

“The situation at Manchester City can be (attractive) too (for Bellingham), so I think it’s important that we stay on track.”

Bellingham is the present and future of England’s midfield. He is born in 2003. young. He does, however, he is good at it. He also showed off his presence at the World Cup. Although he is from Dortmund, love calls from Premier League ‘big hands’ for the English big-time talent continue.

Rumors have been raised that Liverpool is a strong candidate for Bellingham’s next destination. A hypothesis has emerged that the reason why Liverpool did not spend a lot of money on midfield was because they had Bellingham in mind. In fact, Bellingham is constantly connected to Liverpool.

Bellingham needs Man United as well. With Casemiro and Eriksen, the addition of Bellingham could increase the diversity of the midfield. As young as he is, he can be used as the present and future of the midfield. Except for Manchester United, the rest of the clubs are no different. As such, Bellingham is an attractive player.

Meanwhile, Schmeichel also evaluated Manchester United, which has been on the main track for a long time since Ferguson’s retirement. As the first mission for this, he emphasized the importance of the UEFA Europa League playoffs against Barcelona. The match between the two teams is a preview final, and is called the pride match between La Liga and the Premier League.

Speaking of the Barcelona game, Schmeichel said: “Of course United have Premier League schedules. There will be another test bed. But we want to do well in Europe too, because we have to show that we are back on our way. It took a long time. We are going back that way,” he sent a message of support to his parents’ team.