Man United Are you T? Ultimatum to Kane: “If you want to come, you come”

Manchester United, are you T?

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Manchester United seems to have raised the white flag in the war to sign Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur). As if it was impossible to convince Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, he left the solution to Kane.

British media ‘The Sun’ said on the 22nd (Korean time), ‘Man United was frustrated. If Kane wants to move, he has informed them directly.

This is in fact an extreme last resort that does not consider Kane’s position.

Player deals are between clubs. A deal the club wants and the player opposes can be done, but not the other way around. After all, the club has the final say.

If Tottenham decides not to sell Kane, it is impossible to take Kane.

In this case, the last thing to try is a strike. If he does not transfer, he is bluffing that he has no desire to work hard in this team.

The Sun said, ‘Man United management had difficulty negotiating with Chairman Levy. “They want Kane to show his strong intention to leave Tottenham as a last-ditch effort.” In fact, Kane is said to be eager to move to Manchester United.

Kane had already made a similar attempt two years ago. At that time, Manchester City asked for Kane, but Tottenham did not respond. After Kane went on vacation at the time, he showed force by not participating in team training. Kane got nothing.

Anyway, in a year, the contract between Kane and Tottenham is over. Kane has been active as a Tottenham one-club man for over 10 years and has received plenty of love from fans. There is no need to explain the desire to say goodbye beautifully to his club, which is the same as his own heart. The last resort is unreasonable demands of Kane.

Kane looks set to stay at Tottenham after all. Man Utd has already started looking for alternatives. Atalanta’s Danish striker Rasmus Hoilund and Napoli’s Nigerian forward Victor Osimen are strong candidates.