‘Leo Explosion’ OK Financial Group breaks a losing streak and ‘jumps’ to 4th place

OK Financial Group broke the chain of losing streak after twists and turns.

OK Financial Group, led by coach Seok Jin-wook, played Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Woori Card at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan on the 8th in a full set match and scored a set score of 3-2 (27-25 21-25 26-24 13-25). 15-13). 

With this, OK Financial Group accumulated 39 points and moved up one step to 4th place. Woori Card (40 points) barely kept its 3rd place, and KEPCO (38 points) fell to 5th place with 1 point less, so the mid-level competition for ‘Spring Volleyball’ became even hotter.

Both teams in desperate need of a victory, and a great match that melted in the middle of winter, 

were both games desperately needed to win. OK Financial Group, which had maintained its 3rd place until recently, fell to 5th after suffering 4 consecutive losses, the most this season. Woori Card also suffered three consecutive losses, putting its third place in jeopardy.

It was a fierce confrontation with a deuce battle from the first set. Neither side was able to get ahead, but Leonardo Leyva Martinez (registered name Leo) personally digged and attacked to create a set point, and OK Financial Group won the first set by hitting the end with a sub ace.  

Woori Card immediately launched a counterattack. The game was tight at 15-15 until the middle of the set, but with Riverman Agamez’s blocking and Na Kyung-bok’s consecutive serve aces, the score was quickly increased to 19-15. Woori Card, who maintained a good lead, took the second set 25-21 and balanced it. 

OK Financial Group regained its strength in the 4th set with the support of the home crowd on its back. It was effective to insist on a strong serve despite making mistakes, and Leo’s diagonal attack across the sideline seemed to win on 24-23. 

However, the referee, who was not sure about the decision, requested a video review, and Leo’s attack was nullified as a decision was made that it could not be read. In the end, Woori Card succeeded in scoring and OK Financial Group started a rather unfair deuce battle, but Leo proudly made a set point with a diagonal attack and finished with a sub ace. 

Woori Card, which was cornered, made a change by putting Han Tae-jun in place of Hwang Seung-bin as a setter in the 4th set. Han Tae-joon beat the opponent’s blocker with a toss that boldly utilized the left and right twin cannons, and even shook the receive line with a powerful serve as a solver. In addition, Na Kyung-bok’s pipe attack broke out, and Woori Card took the lead with a 16-8 ‘double score’. 

Upon regaining confidence, Woori Card, who had been sluggish in the 1st to 3rd sets, came back to life, and Na Kyung-bok and Song Hee-chae scored consecutive serve aces, won the 4th set 25-13, and took the game to the final 5th set.  

Shoulder-heavy ‘fixer’ Leo, 36 points made a big success

The fateful 5th set was fierce like a match at the edge of a cliff. When Woori Card ran away, OK Financial Group chased after a seesaw game.

OK Financial Group was in a deep defeat, but seized the opportunity with a dig. As Leo’s attack came to life, Gearko made a tie at 8-8, and in the close match that started again, OK Financial Group made a 14-13 match point after Leo’s bold spike was recognized as a goal after a video review. 

Despite the uneasy toss, Agamez tried 메이저사이트to attack Woori Card, but OK Financial Group blocked it with Jin Sang-heon’s blocking, ending the bloody battle that lasted more than 2 hours and 40 minutes with OK Financial Group’s dramatic victory. 

On this day, Leo led the attack by posting 36 points, the most among both teams, including 5 sub-aces. Song Myeong-keun, who had been sluggish recently, also added strength by scoring 15 points, and newcomer Shin Shin-jin was substituted in the 5th set and scored a valuable 2 points to revitalize the team.

OK Financial Group is slowing down this season as striker Cho Jae-seong left the team due to irregularities in military service, and striker Song Myeong-geun and setter Lee Min-gyu, who returned from military service, have yet to show their expectations. 

In the midst of this, as Leo regained his strength, OK Financial Group succeeded in escaping from a losing streak. As the match of the regular season approaches, attention is paid to whether Leo, whose shoulders are heavy, will lead OK Financial Group to spring volleyball.