‘Lee Kang-in variable’ disappeared… Seonhongho Hwang, the final goal is to create a ‘one team’

The Korean men’s Asian men’s soccer team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong accepted the final mission of building a solid organization before ‘ace’ Lee Kang-in 토토사이트(Paris Saint-Germain) joined.

Hwang Seon-hong will depart for Hangzhou, where the 2023 Asian Games will be held, through Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 at 12:25 pm on the 16th. The issue of Lee Kang-in’s selection, which had been bothering Director Hwang, has been completely resolved and the team heads to a fierce battle.

Because the Asian Games are not a competition organized by the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA), there is no obligation to be selected. Separate consultation with the affiliated team is required. PSG decided to give a confirmation on this matter by the 13th, but coach Hwang Seon-hong did not receive a clear opinion.

In response, Coach Hwang said, “There is no definite answer when PSG will send Lee Kang-in. It is frustrating because coordination does not seem to be working well.” Lee Kang-in’s presence in Korea, which is aiming for a gold medal, is so essential that the coach publicly expressed his dissatisfaction.

Fortunately, all problems were resolved before departure. The Korea Football Association said on the 15th, “As a result of discussions with PSG, it was finally agreed that Lee Kang-in will join the national team after the home game on the 19th, French local time,” and “Lee Kang-in will move to Hangzhou, China, on the 20th, French local time, and join the national team. “I plan to do it,” he said.

Initially, PSG tried to coordinate participation in the Asian Cup to be held in Qatar in January next year based on selection for the Asian Games. Five years ago, when Son Heung-min took part in the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang tournament, Tottenham agreed to participate in the A match in November and the 2019 United Arab Emirates (UAE) Asian Cup 1 as a condition of participation.

Although his selection for the Asian Games could have affected the Asian Cup, another place where the pride of Korean soccer is at stake, he announced that he had completed the coordination of his selection without any special conditions, saying, “I received an official response that I would be allowed to join the national team without any other preconditions.”

It would have been icing on the cake if Lee Kang-in had joined the team before the start of the first game, but now is the time to work hard to be the best under the given conditions.

Soccer is a team sport. No matter how much Lee Kang-in’s abilities are far superior to those of Asian players of the same age, there are limits to how much he can shine alone. Instead, if the team has a well-organized structure as a team, it can create a more brilliant synergy when an ace arrives.

As of now, it is more likely that Lee Kang-in will take the field after joining the team in the game against Bahrain on the 24th rather than against Thailand on the 21st. The situation is also favorable for Korea.

Unless there are any special surprises, Korea can win both the first and second games and confirm early advancement to the tournament. If the power is strong and the organization is solid, there is a good chance.

If they have won two games in a row, they can go into the third game with less pressure. Even if Lee Kang-in joins in the middle of the competition, it is a golden opportunity to strengthen teamwork with Lee Kang-in in real life. This is because you can resolve all risks and head to the tournament.

If Lee Kang-in is in top condition and has good game sense before Hwang Seon-hong joins, and the team remains as one team until the ace arrives, Korea’s third consecutive Asian Games win will become a reality.