Lee Joo-young, who is preparing for Lee Sang-bae, “A training camp with college players? I am really excited”

Lee Joo-young is doing his best to win more than 100 times. 

The university team,메이저사이트 led by head coach Jeong Jae-hoon, will hold a Korea-Japan college selection basketball tournament starting on the 19th. As this is the first tournament to be held in four years, I am practicing to the best of my ability. Joo-Young Lee of Chung-Ang University has proudly joined the university team and is working hand-to-hand with his players.

The key is to get your hands and feet aligned in a short amount of time. To this end, I started practicing games from the 11th. Also, he is scheduled to enter the training camp from the 16th.

Lee Joo-young said through a phone call with this magazine, “The key is to match your hands and feet. He has had 4 practice matches so far. To be honest, his breathing isn’t perfect. However, the content of each practice game is different. I am looking forward to it because it seems that our color is coming out,” he started the interview.

Later, when he mentioned the training camp to Lee Ju-young, he said, “I am excited because I think I will be able to build good memories. This is one of the most anticipated parts. There are so many good players on our team. There are many players with strong personalities. While training and living together, I am learning about basketball that I do not know. I am experiencing a lot, and I think I can grow further with this opportunity.”

When I asked Lee Joo-young about her roommate, she said, “In fact, the seniors share a double room. However, due to lack of rooms, only one team using rock-paper-scissors had to use one room for three people. Unfortunately, I am the one who occupies a 3-person room. (Laughter) My roommates are (Lee) Kanghyun and (Jo) Hwanhee.”

Although it is a university team, the players, including Lee Joo-young, are ‘university players’ representing Korea. In response, Lee Joo-young said, “In fact, this is the first time I personally represent my country. There is pressure, but more confidence. Above all, it is a match against Japan. It is a competition held in Korea. We must win unconditionally.”

“I don’t know Japan’s strategy well, but Japan’s nature is fast and its defense is good. We must not be pushed back in fighting spirit. Also, never lose in basic defense or rebounding. The coach also focuses on defense. We have to play that role perfectly,” he said, emphasizing the basics.

Continued “My forte is shooting. I want to play to save my teammates without being greedy. At the same time, I want to help my teammates through dirty work. I think that is my role,” he said, as well as his own role.

Lastly, “It’s a tournament that has been going on for the first time in a while, and since it’s a match between Korea and Japan, I think it will get more attention. This is also joining a new team. I think I can appeal myself. I want to make my name known through this competition. In order to do that, you have to do your best to show your dedication so that the team can win without being greedy. The first goal is to win unconditionally, and the second goal is to play 120% of my role in it.”