Lee Hyun-joong, NBA re-challenge… “Even if I fall down, I will rise like a zombie”

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Lee Hyun-joong, who played an active role as a high-level shooter on the American college basketball stage, suffered an injury ahead of the draft last year and his NBA dream was thwarted.

He said that he would rise again like a zombie this year and try again on the NBA stage.

This is reporter Moon Young-gyu’s report.


Lee Hyun-joong, who boasted that his current physical condition is 100%, showed no abnormal movement of his injured part, the top of his left foot.

During dribbling practice, the heat of coverage was so hot that it reminded me of an actor on the red carpet, and I felt the basketball world’s anticipation for Lee Hyun-joong.

[Lee Hyun-joong: “I came to eat, but I was embarrassed because there were so many people…”]

Lee Hyun-joong challenged his dream stage, the NBA, by participating in the US College Basketball Championship last year. 카지노

However, right before the draft, he suffered a left ankle injury and was undrafted.

It was his first major failure, but Lee Hyun-joong focused on rehabilitation rather than frustration.

He said that failure would be a good experience, and he expressed his determination for the NBA this year as well.

[Lee Hyeon-joong: “Staying in the past will not help the present me or the future me. Like a zombie, if I fall down, I will rise again and continue to challenge myself.”]

Recently released basketball animation Slam Dunk He said that he was very impressed with Edo and wanted to be like the main character Kang Baek-ho.

[Lee Hyun-joong: “(Impressive player) is, of course, Kang Baek-ho. I thought it would be nice to be a player who is clumsy but dedicated to the team and can change the atmosphere of the team while giving energy.”

] It is expected to challenge the league first and knock on the door of the NBA once again.

This is KBS News Moon Yeong-gyu.