“Lee Hyeon-seung, if you mess around a little more…” 21-year-old Legend’s mind looking at treasure

 I stayed in the warm-up zone for a long time. It is the commanding tower’s consideration for the rookie setter.

Hyundai Capital won the KB Insurance match held at Cheonan Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium on the 12th with a set score of 3-1.

Lee Hyeon-seung, who has been the main setter this season, was replaced by Kim Myeong-gwan in the first set 20-17 and the second set 6-8. 3-4 sets were not put in at all.

Regarding this, Choi Tae-woong, head coach of Hyundai Capital, said, “There are times when players with less experience and younger players do well because they are not subjected to analysis by the opponent in the beginning. If that happens, the upward trend is just right.” This is lacking. If you do that, your confidence will drop. I think Lee Hyun-seung is like that now.” 바카라

He continued, “Rather than lacking in skills, this is the timing to instill more confidence. We need to create an atmosphere where we can focus on the game. Instead of playing more games, we take a little break and feel our team color again while watching the hyungs play outside. I wanted to be,” he explained.

“If you want to compete with Korean Air, (weakness) is also a setter. Lee Hyun-seung’s skills are not lacking, but he lacks experience. And you shouldn’t think that you are competing for the championship with Korean Air right now. We just accumulated good points.”

Regarding the victory of the day, he commented, “The players prepared well. In particular, Choi Min-ho did a good job blocking the outside heater, which was not good in the Korean Air match. Regarding Kim Myung-gwan, he added, “It’s not easy to come in and play in the middle, but today he showed the play he wanted to play properly. I want to praise him for doing well.”