‘Leading 7 points in 2 sets with regret’ South Korea loses 3 games in a row to the US with a 0:3 loss

The Korean women’s volleyball team lost to the strong United States and recorded its third consecutive victory in the 2023 VNL.메이저놀이터

The Korean women’s volleyball team (ranked 25th in the world), led by coach Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez, played the third match of the first week of the 2023 FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) VNL (Volleyball Nations League) held at the Antalya Sports Hall in Turkiye Antalya on the 3rd (hereinafter Korean time) lost to the United States (ranked 3rd in the world) with a set score of 0-3 (16-25, 25-27, 11-25). With this loss, Korea continued its first week schedule with three consecutive losses, while the United States recorded three consecutive wins.

In Korea, Pyo Seung-joo scored 11 points, Jeong Ho-young and Kim Mi-yeon each scored 7 points, and Park Eun-jin and Moon Ji-yoon each scored 6 points, but the set was not achieved. The blocking 3-15 inferiority and the serve score 0-5 inferiority were decisive. The United States led the victory with Kutiro scoring 18 points, Skinner 14 points, Perry 8 points and Butler 7 points.

For Korea, Apposite Spir Moon Ji-yoon (4), Outside Hitters Pyo Seung-joo (2) and Kim Mi-yeon (5), Middle Blockers Jung Ho-yeong (3) and Park Eun-jin (6), Setter Kim Da-in (1), and Libero Moon Jeong-won started the game. In the situation of a series of matches, a big change was made to the starting list.

While Jordan Poulter and Jordan Larson, who won gold medals in the Tokyo Olympics, were left out, the U.S. gave an opportunity to players who had few chances to participate among the 14-man roster for this tournament. Apposite spiker Daniel Coutinho (1), outside hitters Veronica Perry (2) and Avery Skinner (5), middle blockers Aszia O’Neill (3) and Brion Butler, setter Ashley Evans (4), libero Morgan Hentz stepped on the coat

1 setIn the beginning, Korea was pushed back 2-7 as Kim Mi-yeon’s left-handed hits were blocked in succession. I couldn’t break through the wall between O’Neill and Evans. Moon Ji-yoon’s right-back score was impressive, but Pyo Seung-joo’s left attack was blocked by Evans and was pushed back 5-10.

Afterwards, Korea gained strength with Jung Ho-young’s fast break and Pyo Seung-joo’s single blocking goal. Moon Ji-yoon’s touch-out score came through the challenge. They caught up 9-12.

But after that, Moon Ji-yoon’s right attack was continuously blocked by Butler, and the chase was put on hold. The score was 9-19 due to Korea’s position fault, which came out in a situation where the score was widening due to consecutive runs.

Korea narrowed the gap with Park Eun-jin’s fast break and Kang So-hui’s left-leaning goal, and after Kim Mi-yeon’s sharp serve, Park Eun-jin’s goal in front of the net made it 16-23, but that was it. The first set was won by the United States.

2 sets . Korea took the lead with Kim Mi-yeon’s two goals. The opponent’s serve Beomsil and Moon Ji-yoon’s goal led to a 5-2 lead. After Pyo Seung-joo’s offensive scoring, Mun Ji-yoon’s sharp serve induced the opponent to make a mistake. Korea took the lead early 7-3. It didn’t end here. Korea, who came to Pyo Seung-joo’s touchout score as a challenge, ran away to 9-3 with Park Eun-jin’s fast break.

Korea defended the opponent’s attack and counterattacked to score. Kim Mi-yeon broke through from the left and maintained a 7-point lead to 11-4. It was a moment when the atmosphere was completely elevated. This time, the United States was in pursuit. Skinner’s strong hit, Evans’ serve and Butler’s blocking score reduced the gap to 12-9.

Korea returned to the trend with Chung Ho-young’s two fast-breaking goals. Moon Ji-yoon’s touch-out score was brought through the challenge. Ho-Young Jeong’s serve was finished by Park Eun-Jin in the center, and Ji-Yoon Mun scored in the rally that followed, continuing the lead 17-11.

His ability to hold a 6-point lead in the middle of the set was put to the test. Korea took a 19-13 lead with Kim Da-in’s second-tier surprise feint. Park Eun-jin led the team to the 20-point mark with a central score. USA scored Skinner’s goal, but Evans’s serve broke the chase.

Korea cheered for Kim Mi-yeon’s blocking goal. The scoreboard indicated 22-15. Afterwards, the U.S. chased again with three consecutive offensive goals. Korea took a 23-18 lead with Miyeon Kim’s touchout score. Acquisition of the set flickered before my eyes.

The United States was in fierce pursuit. Perry’s consecutive goals were followed by Coutino’s consecutive hits, leading to a score of 23-22. The situation quickly changed to a melee. Korea replaced Kang So-hui, but Kang So-hui’s left-handed blow was blocked by Coutino, allowing the score to tie 23-23.

At the moment of crisis, Korea rose to a set point of 24-23 with Chung Ho-young’s quick break. In the rally that followed, Moon Ji-yoon tried to hit hard, but unfortunately it was out. The set went to deuce. The U.S. rose to 25-24 set points thanks to Coutino’s strong serve, but Coutino’s subsequent serve was out.

In the ensuing 25-25, the USA won the set. Following O’Neill’s feint scoring, Skinner blocked Park Eun-jin’s attack. Unfortunately, Korea failed to finish the set.

3 sets . The United States took the lead in the early game. After Coutino’s attack, the score gap widened little by little due to Korea’s offense. Korea was in a stagnant situation as Jung Ho-young’s quick attack was successful, but the defensive concentration was poor. The reaction to the opponent Skinner’s attack was slow, and he couldn’t even catch Coutino’s serve. It was pulled 2-7.

Korea was pushed back to 4-10 due to Moon Ji-yoon’s offense, but afterwards, Pyo Seung-joo and Kim Mi-yeon’s witty 3 points led to a 7-10 lead. However, after that, the gap widened with five runs in a row. It became 7-15.

South Korea managed to side out with Jung Ho-young’s fast break. However, the U.S. seized the mood with Perry’s back attack and Skinner’s serve score. With the addition of Coutino’s goal, the score was 8-18. In Korea, Chung Ho-young scored a goal, but the win or loss was already on the decline.

The game ended with the 2nd set lead situation remaining regretful. Korea, who recorded 3 consecutive losses, will play the last match against Thailand on the 4th at 8:00 pm in the first week.