‘Leader of Misfortune’ Coach Sang-Sik Kim, EASL-League Championship Take-All

KGC,메이저놀이터 led by coach Kim Sang-sik, won the unified championship by winning 100-97 after a close match that went to overtime in Game 7 of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship (Final) held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 7th. did.

KGC’s playoff championship is the 4th, but it is the first for head coach Kim Sang-shik. In May of last year, he became the new manager of KGC, succeeding manager Seung-gi Kim (Day One), and was the first player, coach, and manager to have the final itself.

He has been nominated for the manager of other clubs several times in the past, but as he failed each time, the title of ‘unfortunate leader’ was attached. However, after winning the East Asian Super League in the first season in charge of KGC, he achieved Asian sincerity, and then achieved the glory of winning the 2022-2023 integrated championship, shaking off all the sorrow of misfortune.

Coach Kim Sang-sik Specializing in Winning Interview

Q_It must have been difficult for you to feel the victory, but
the players showed their concentration and went all the way to victory. I am grateful to the players. There were no tears, but after it was over, tears came out. I feel like crying for a long time.

I talked to the coaches more than ever. I talked to the coaches every time and took the replacement timing quickly, but all the players who were put in did well.

Q_I think winning from the first season with Motion Offense has meaning?
Due to Jeon Seong-hyun’s transfer, a power leak occurred and was evaluated as a mid-ranking player during Media Day. Of course I wasn’t feeling well. He thought that he would have a chance to work with the players, and he came this far with the mindset of giving praise rather than reprimand. He gained confidence by performing well in the second round. He had a crisis, but he talked a lot with the players at that time.

Q_ He has been called the leader of misfortune.
In the meantime, he has been through the process of picking up a team in difficult situations as an acting manager several times. However, he did not lead to the appointment of a director. In fact, he thought that he had no luck directing anymore, so he tried to go down to Jeju Island with the thought, ‘It must be this far’. I thought basketball was over here. Thankfully, the club gave me a chance, so I came this far. Many emotions are mixed. It is a thrilling win for myself as well. I am grateful to the club for creating the conditions for me to lead the team well.

Q_The coaches must have been a great help.
Of course. Choi Seung-tae and coach Jo Seong-min helped a lot. At first, I didn’t know what kind of basketball I pursued, so I asked them to tell me anything I wanted to ask while getting to know each other. I was able to win the championship thanks to the good opinions of the coaches.

Q_It was the first final in your player-coach career, how was it?
I won, but in the process of winning, I thought this was not normal. The winning coaches are amazing. It was physically and mentally tough. I was able to do my best thanks to the players and coaches.

Q_You lost, but Kim Seon-hyung’s performance was amazing?
he’s a great player He made all three points, drives and assists. amazing. I want to applaud you. We won, but Seonhyung Kim’s performance was amazing.

Q Did you put in Yang Hee-jong at the end of the game?
Although he was injured, he put in the thought of staying on the court at the end. Yang Hee-jong played a big role. When I was strong, Heejong treated the players gently, and when I was soft, Heejong was strong. As a veteran, he played a good middle ground between the coaching staff and the players.

Q_What are your future plans?
I want to rest. I didn’t show any signs of hardship because I was afraid it would affect the players, but it was really hard. He underwent a grand march for 7 months. I want to rest.