‘Korean Zombie’ Jeong Chan-seong “Choi Doo-ho, it’s not the style of trying hard enough to cut bones”

“Doo-ho is actually not the type to put in so much bone-crushing effort.”

On the 2nd, Chan-seong Jeong’s YouTube channel, ‘Jung Chan-sung Korean Zombie,’ posted a photo of Doo-ho Choi, the ‘Korean Superboy’ returning after 3 years, training in the US. camp | An interview video titled ‘UFC Embedded: The Return of the Korean Superboy’ was posted.

On the 5th, at 12:00 noon (Korean time), the ‘UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Spivak’, which will be held at UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, is approaching in three days. Ahead of the match, Choi Doo-ho and Jung Chan-sung set up lodgings in Las Vegas and began training camp in the United States.

For Choi Doo-ho, it is a comeback after 3 years and 2 months. The opponent is Kyle Nelson (31, Canada), with a total of 18 matches, 13 wins and 5 losses. Their recent record has been sluggish with two consecutive losses. He is the same age as Choi Doo-ho.

Doo-ho Choi is praised as the best in the UFC when it comes to his striking. He is the first Korean player to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, and his reputation as a ‘Korean Super Boy’ is strong enough.

But it’s a comeback after a long time. Choi Doo-ho is also aware of the situation where ring rust (deterioration of sense in practice) is a concern. At an online press conference in the US on the 1st, he said, “It will be an opportunity to show that you can hit again with a different look and climb up.”

Also, in response to Nelson’s provocation that he would “win by knockout”, he expressed his confidence, saying, “I’m probably going to go out with an out-fighting strategy, but if you do an in-fight, I’m welcome.”

It was Jung Chan-seong, the “Korean Zombie,” who helped a lot in making up for Choi Doo-ho’s weakness. Even though Chansung Jung is still an active fighter and a featherweight competitor with Dooho Choi, he willingly participated in this journey.

He said, “It doesn’t feel real that we are together at Dooho Camp. (Looking at Choi Doo-ho) I thought that I should do better too, and I was motivated. There was no envy or jealousy, of course. Because I never doubted Doo-ho’s success.”

Jeong Chan-sung thoroughly analyzes Kyle Nelson먹튀검증 , but also spares no advice on Choi Doo-ho. Although he was unable to compete in this tournament due to a collarbone injury during wrestling training, he is actively supporting Choi Doo-ho and his disciple Choi Seung-guk (26, Korean Zombie MMA) ahead of the final round of ‘Road to UFC’.

Jeong Chan-seong said, “I’ve known Doo-ho’s problem since long ago. It’s not a style that puts in a lot of bone-breaking effort,” he said. “I finished 10 games from Korea to Japan in the first round. If that happens, he will think, ‘Wouldn’t it be possible to win them all in the first round? Dooho also sympathized with this to some extent.”

Choi Doo-ho admitted, “Before that, I had anxiety about his physical strength when he competed.” He said, “Chansung gained confidence physically while working out with his older brother. I think I can win by harassing my opponent physically.”

He continued, “When I worked out with coach Yang Seong-hoon at Team Mad, the detailed strategy was almost the same as now. Chansung hyung definitely put a lot of thought into the physical aspect. That was so good,” he said.

Jung Chan-sung sees exactly what Choi Doo-ho needs to improve. He predicted, “This time, you will be able to see the operation of ‘Superboy’.” He also said, “Every player has a tendency. If you go up (to the Octagon), Doo-ho could just break it. It is my role this time to control it.”

Choi Doo-ho said, “I’m thinking of going to the judgment first. Due to my style, the judgment doesn’t come out well, and I think, ‘I’ve definitely improved, but can this go well in the match?’ I want to try what I practiced quickly.”

Lastly, Jung Chan-sung said, “Everyone on our Korean Zombie MMA team did their best. Even without our team, Doo-ho could have won, but I think that our hearts will come together and lead Doo-ho to victory.”

As the only Korean fighter who has fought in the UFC title fight twice, many are looking forward to seeing whether Chan-sung Jung’s help will become bone and flesh for Doo-ho Choi.

Meanwhile, in addition to Choi Doo-ho’s featherweight match, a Korean flyweight match between Choi Seung-guk and Park Hyeon-seong, and featherweight ‘Korean Tiger’ Lee Jung-young are waiting for a sortie in the ‘Road to UFC’ final with tickets to the UFC.

In addition, middleweight Park Joon-yong, female flyweight Kim Ji-yeon, and light heavyweight Jeong Da-un predicted a big match.