Korean Air beat Bahrain Al Ahli to advance to the quarterfinals of the Asian Club Championship

‘On cruise. ‘ Men’s professional volleyball Korean Air won two consecutive victories in the group stage of the 2023 Asian Men’s Club Championship (hereinafter referred to as the Club Championship) hosted by the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC).

Korean Air won메이저놀이터 with a set score of 3-0 (25-19 25-21 25-22) in a face-to-face match against Group A Al-Ahli (Bahrain) held at Isa Sports City in Manama, Bahrain on the 15th (local time). With this, Korean Air secured a ticket to the quarterfinals by securing second place in the group regardless of the results of the match against Baankara (Indonesia) in Jakarta in the remaining group stage.

Jung Ji-seok and Im Dong-hyuk, left and right twins, led the attack. Jeong Ji-seok scored 17 points, including two blocks, and the attack success rate was 68%. Lim Dong-hyuk also supported the back with 13 points, including one block and one sub-ace.

Korean Air players cheer after scoring an offensive goal against Al-Ahli (Bahrain) in Group A in the group stage of the 2023 Asian Club Championship held in Bahrain on the 15th (local time). [Photo = Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO)]

Yoo Kwang-woo, who is serving as the main setter for this tournament in place of the captain and setter Han, handled the game skillfully. Korean Air coach Tommy Tilikhainen changed the starting lineup that day.

Jeong Ji-seok, who did not play in the match against Canberra (Australia) the previous day (14th), was selected as a starting outside hitter. Al-Ahli, who brought several short-term contract players, including Yosbani (Cuba, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance) and Gabriel Candido (Brazil), who participated in the V-League foreign player tryout, was formidable, so he sent Ji-seok Jeong.

Lim Dong-hyuk took over as the apositive spiker, Kim Min-jae and Jin Ji-wi took the middle blocker positions, and Jeong Han-yong came on the court as another outside hitter. The first set was a close match.

It was Korean Air’s strong serve that broke the tight balance. Regardless of the spike serve or floater serve, he attacked Yosubani, who was the opponent’s outside hitter. As Yosbani’s receive faltered, Al-Ahli’s entire attack did not work smoothly either.

Korean Air made it 12-10 with Kim Min-jae’s serve score, and then tied up Jung Ji-seok’s attempted quick open and Yosubani’s attacker’s room to run away 14-11, consolidating the set victory. In the second half of the set, Jeong Ji-seok’s center rear attack, opponent Bum-sil’s, and Kim Min-jae’s quick attacks successively succeeded, widening the score to 19-14 and winning the first set.

Korean Air setter Kwang-Woo Yoo (left) and Apogee Spiker Dong-Hyeok Lim pose for a pose after the group A match against Al-Ahli (Bahrain) at the 2023 Asian Club Championship held in Bahrain on the 15th (local time). [Photo = Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO)]

The second set of Al Ahli was different. They caught up with Korean Air until the middle of the set. With Yosubani settling in, it was tight until 19-19. However, Korean Air brought the atmosphere back to the set with Lim Dong-hyuk at the forefront.

It was divided by Lim Dong-hyuk’s 3rd serve. Al Ahli’s receive was shaken by Yosubani’s serve offense and Lim Dong-hyuk’s two strong serves, leading to two offense offenses. Lim Dong-hyeok made use of his good serve sense to make an ace, and Korean Air won the set 23-19, consolidating their winning streak.

Korean Air, who won the first and second sets in a row, had a good start in the third set. Scored 4 times in a row. Al Ahli also started the pursuit and caught up with 20-20 in the second half of the set.

A close battle unfolded again, and Jung Ji-seok played the role of a solver for Korean Air. He succeeded in a quick open attack in a 22-22 situation and blocked the opponent’s spike in the next rally.

Korean Air led the match point 24-22. Al-Ahli’s attack to make up for it hit the net and went out of the court, ending the match with Korean Air’s victory.