Korean Air ‘Adding 1 point confirms 1st place in regular league’… KB Insurance match on the 10th

Korean Air has only one point left until the regular league 1st place is confirmed.

Korean Air is currently in the lead with 24 wins, 메이저놀이터 9 losses and 71 points. The previous day, 2nd place Hyundai Capital (22-12 loss, 66 points) lost 0-3 to KEPCO and failed to add points.

Assuming Hyundai Capital wins 3-0 in both remaining matches (KB Insurance on the 14th and OK Financial Group on the 18th), the score is 24-12 and 72 points. The set win-loss ratio goes up to 1.58.

With this as the starting point, if you organize the number of cases where Korean Air’s regular league 1st place is confirmed, only ‘1 point’ remains. Korean Air, which has already won 24 wins, is ahead of Hyundai Capital with a 1.90 set goal loss ratio.

In the match between Korean Air and KB Insurance in Uijeongbu on the 10th, the moment Korean Air wins two sets and adds one point, the first place in the regular league is confirmed.

Korean Air gained a 4-1 advantage in five confrontations with KB Insurance this season, and recently swept 12 points while continuing its 4-game winning streak. In today’s game, we are trying to confirm our advance to the championship game along with the confirmation of the regular league 1st place.

If Korean Air confirms first place in the regular league, it will rank first in the regular league for three consecutive seasons following the 2020-2021 season and the 2021-2022 season.

KB Insurance, which advanced to the championship match last season, has been in a long tunnel since the second half of the first round this season, but it showed its strength to the end by trading and replacing foreign players. We are now in the process of preparing for the next season.

However, today’s game is the last home game, so I’m trying to do my best. KB Insurance is trying to prepare for the next season by reaping the beauty of the remaining two games after today’s game.

The match between the two foreign players today is also interesting. Korean Air is in a state where Lincoln’s form has recently been raised. KB Insurance is highly dependent on Viyena’s performance. Villena showed a good performance at Korean Air, and although she was replaced after an injury, she showed a good performance even after returning to Korea. I wonder what kind of game they will play today.

The V-League has come to an end. Of the 252 regular league games for men and women, 234 have already been completed, with only 18 left. Each team has 2 to 3 games left.

Today’s game is one of them, but it is noteworthy that it depends on the confirmation of first place in the regular league. At 7 p.m., Korean Air and KB Insurance will face off in the final match of the season.