Korea-Japan war ‘warning target No. 1’ Ohtani… WBC double-tatting or not?

In this World Baseball Classic, the so-called Ohtani rule, which allows the designated hitter to remain even if the starting pitcher goes down, is applied.

Shohei Ohtani, the first target for the war between Korea and Japan, conveyed his determination to the WBC amid the interest of numerous reporters.

This is reporter Moon Young-gyu’s report.


About 70 reporters gathered to see Ohtani.

The top concern is whether the WBC doubles as a pitcher!

Analysis came out that he did not aim at the WBC by throwing only 37 pitches in his first bullpen pitch, but Ohtani replied that he was good enough as he is now.

[Soundbite] [Soundbite] Ohtani/WBC Japan National Team/LA Angels : “(In the WBC), you don’t have to complete pitches, but there is a pitch limit and a set number of innings, so I think the current training pace is good.”] In the WBC, the starting pitcher is strong

. Even if you do, the so-called Ohtani rule, which allows you to appear as a designated hitter, applies.

The Los Angeles Angels also plan t바카라o allow Ohtani to start, although he will not be able to pitch in relief.

In the end, it is expected that both the pitcher and the hitter will be able to do it for now.

He is a big threat to us, who struck out 21 in 13 innings against Ohtani in the Premier 12.

Japanese media reported that Ohtani played the first game against China and that Darvish Yu was influential in the Korea-Japan match, but nothing has been confirmed.

[Soundbite] [Soundbite] Ohtani/WBC Japan Representative/LA Angels : ” I was in good shape before (Premier 12) so I blocked (Korea) well, but I honestly don’t know how it will be next time. It’s such a powerful team, so I’m looking forward to it.”] He started his first official convocation training in Miyazaki, Japan, and began preparations for reclaiming the top of the world for the first time in 14 years.