Korea-Japan match in June?… KFA “Little possibility… The story that we shared comfortably has expanded and misrepresented” 

The Japanese media shed light on the possibility of a match between Korea and Japan in June. The Korea Football Association (KFA) explained, “The possibility of success is low.

Japanese media ‘Sponichi Annex’ reported on the 12th, “The Japan Football Association (JFA) is promoting the Korea-Japan match.”

Then, citing the remarks of a JFA official온라인바카라, “KFA strongly hopes for an evaluation match against Japan. The two sides, which previously pushed for a match against Japan in March, are currently discussing with Japan in mind in June.”

If the head-to-head confrontation is concluded, it is possible to have a ‘true sword match’ in which even foreign groups are dispatched.

Japanese media also expressed their expectations, saying, “You will also see Son Heung-min (Tottenham) and Mitoma Kaoru (Brighton) playing together.”

However, KFA viewed the possibility of the Korea-Japan match as low.

A KFA official dismissed it on ‘News 1’ on the 12th, saying, “Currently, there is no plan to play an evaluation match with Japan.”

“Recently, when preparing for an A match, the KFA and JFA used to cooperate by recruiting South American teams together. I know that it was shared between the people concerned. That was expanded and misrepresented.”

A KFA official said, “Of course, there has always been a demand for the Korea-Japan match. But it is also a cautious matchup.”

On the other hand, KFA has set a big frame by playing two games in Korea in June, not in Japan, and going on an expedition to Europe in September. The plan also reflects the intention of Korean national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

An official expressed the view that “there is virtually no reason to play a war against Japan with a difficult Japanese expedition, even while changing the existing plan.”