Klinsman Ho raised anchor “I will put on my color step by step”

Manho Klins, who will lead the new soccer team, gathered together for the first time yesterday.

Reporter Seok Min-hyeok came to meet the players who started quenching for the 2nd A-match.

Lying down on a mat, loosening up메이저놀이터 muscles, and pulling up while running around the playground.

‘The 27th member of the World Cup’ Oh Hyun-kyu also arrived at the airport, and he came straight to the training ground.

It’s a recovery-focused day for his team to play through the weekend, but he’s as serious as ever when it comes to passing and pressing drills.

The Taegeuk warriors who were summoned to ‘Cleans Manho’ gathered in one place for a long time.

Kim Young-kwon / National team defender
“He was very famous when he was a player, he has a lot of experience in other countries’ national teams, and the players are looking forward to it

. ” The director also said that he would not make any major changes right away.

Klinsman / Coach
“I want to improve my soccer style little by little. I had good results in the last World Cup, so I have to keep it going

. “

Kyu-Sung Cho / Striker of the national team
“I think everyone goes through it while playing soccer, so I don’t feel much pressure when it comes to competition.”

The key is who will fill the vacancy of Hwang Hee-chan, who was injured right before the convocation.

Klins Manho’s first A-match 2 consecutive matches on the experimental table can be seen live on TV Chosun.