“KIM, what is iron pillar in Korean?” A Neapolitan legend steeped in

Giuseppe Bruce Colotti (71), a legendary defender of Naples and called the ‘iron pillar’ in the past, praised Kim Min-jae (26) again.

As soon as he moved to Naples this season안전놀이터, Kim Min-jae took over his starting position and is leading the team’s upward trend. He emerged as one of the best defenders in Italian Serie A with his watertight defense in every match.

He is showing off his prowess not only in the league but also in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Napoli passed through the group stage with the momentum and defeated Frankfurt 2-0 in the first leg of the round of 16 on the 22nd. The statistics site ‘Foot Mob’ also selected Kim Min-jae, who operated ‘Iron Pillar Mode’, as the MVP of the match.

According to the Italian media ‘Naples Magazine’ on the 24th (Korean time), Naples legend Bruce Colotti continued to praise Kim Min-jae. He played 507 games for 16 years at Napoli and was called the ‘Iron Pillar’ during his playing days. From the beginning of the season, he praised Kim Min-jae and is also a person who showed toxic affection. 

Bruce Colity showed affection, saying, “Kim Min-jae? The first thing I want to say is that you resemble me a lot. What is ‘pal e fierr’ in Korean? I’ll have to ask Kim Min-jae directly.”

He applauded, “Kim Min-jae plays a defense that doesn’t give the opponent space. There are no unnecessary plays and it’s orderly. The interception doesn’t fail. The timing is good.”