KDF ‘Youngjae’ “‘Doo-Doo’ didn’t call me Top because he watched the video of the unity competition”

Young-jae “Youngjae” Ko praised Woo-chan “Curz” Moon, whom he would meet as his final opponent in the regular season.

On the 15th at Roll 메이저사이트 Park located in Jongno-gu, Seoul, Kwangdong Freecs won 2:1 against DRX in the first game of the 9th week of the ‘2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring’, recording a 4-game winning streak. Youngjae Ko, ‘Youngjae’, did not receive the POG that day, but he played an active role as a strong pillar of victory, such as giving strength to friendly line battles with sharp movements in the early stages.

In an interview with Formos, Koh Young-jae said, “It’s the first time I’ve won 4 games in a row. Just winning the game makes me feel very good.” Ko Young-jae added, “Recording 4 consecutive victories is unique both personally and as a team. Even when we lost in a row, the team atmosphere was not bad, but there were parts that got better with consecutive victories.”

In the ‘LCK Unity Tournament – Jungler Edition’ uploaded on YouTube on the 12th, Ko Young-jae received attention from the community with his crazy eyes and his devoted acting. When Ko Young-jae said, “I knew that the video was released and many people were interested,” he asked if Dong-ju “Doo-du” sang the jungle song every minute in the match today. ” he laughed.

Although it was before the 2nd Unity Competition was uploaded, Ko Young-jae said about the shooting, “There is a player who has a good personality even though it is the first time I see it. I hope there will be another opportunity like this.” When asked if there were any players he became close to through filming, Ko Young-jae picked Moon Hyun-jun, the ‘owner’, and explained, “Moon Hyun-jun usually greets me even during competitions.

When asked to congratulate Lee Dong-ju, who received the exclusive POG that day, Ko Young-jae once again responded with mad eyes, “I don’t want to congratulate you because I didn’t receive it.” He even joked, “If someone else receives it, my stomach hurts.”

Kwangdong Freecs’ final opponent in the regular season is kt Rolster, which has recently been gaining momentum. Koh Young-jae, who will compete with Moon “Curz” Woo-chan, evaluated the opponent, saying, “I personally think he is a jungler in the top five.”

Koh Young-jae concluded the interview with the determination, “The fans must have had a hard time because of the losing streak, but it’s nice to be able to repay them with 4 consecutive wins. I will win the last match against KT and finish the regular season with 5 consecutive wins.”