Juventus endured enough… ‘Sell Pogba MLS’

 Juventus, who endured enough to endure, eventually exploded.

Paul Pogba has not played in the last 290 days. In this situation, Juventus is even more angry at the way he is absorbed in social media activities. In the end, Juventus appear to have made up their minds to clear Pogba.

Pogba returned to his home team, Juventus, last summer. Pogba, who suffered discord at Manchester United due to injuries and unexpected actions, decided to return to his home team, which was a great help in his growth스포츠토토 .

But the nightmare continued here too. He suffered a knee injury and missed a single game. Juventus spent £31 million (46.7 billion won) to re-sign Pogba. He still has three years left on his contract.

Local media reported that Juventus attempted to cut Pogba’s salary, but Pogba refused. In the end, the only solution left was separation.

In this situation, the British ‘Mirror’ said, “Juventus is considering releasing Pogba. Juventus is angry with Pogba’s injury and behavior. ) can be sold.”