Jerich-Sarich followed by Mulich in Suwon… Shall we break the link of failure from Eastern Europe?

Can Mulich remain as a foreigner from Eastern Europe who succeeded at Suwon Samsung?

Suwon officially announced on the 7th through a club press release that “Mulich, the tallest striker in the K-League, wore a Suwon uniform for the 2023 season. The contract period is 2+1 years, and his uniform number is 44.” With this, Suwon can fill the gap in the front line created by Oh Hyun-kyu’s departure to Celtic. Mulich is scheduled to compete with Ahn Byung-jun.

There are expectations바카라, but there are also concerns. The poor performance of Eastern European players who recently came to Suwon had an impact. In the 2021 season, there was Jerich of Serbian nationality. Jerichi made his K League debut at Gangwon FC. He scored 24 goals in 36 games in the 2018 season, ranking second in the K League 1 scoring rankings. It was a two-goal gap with top scorer Malken. Afterwards, he was expected to win and win, but he was pushed out of the competition and went to Gyeongnam FC.

Even in Gyeongnam, he could not recover his scoring ability. Then, in 2021, he wore a Suwon uniform. He was a Taggart substitute. Jerich scored only six goals in 27 appearances. Totally fell short of his expectations. Even that, the penalty kick (PK) was 2 goals. His influence on the game was also small, so he could not help much in the attack. Eventually, Suwon broke up with Jerich. In the 2022 season, Bosnian midfielder Saric came.

Saric played from the second half of the 2018 season to the first half of the 2019 season and showed an amazing performance. Due to his overwhelming performance, he was called Zidane of the K-League. Sarić, who was also selected for the Bosnian national team, went to Al Ahli in the Saudi Arabia League. He played for Al Ahli and returned to Suwon via Gorica. After Koh Seung-beom enlisted, it seemed that Sarich would become a powerful force in Suwon, where the midfielder was shaken.

But it wasn’t the old Sarich. The decline in his overall performance was noticeable, and injuries also caught on. The actual content of the game was also very different. He wasn’t as much of a failure as Jerich, but it was clear that he was regretful. Sarich also left Suwon after the season. Following Jerich and Saric, Serbian striker Mulic entered Suwon this time.

Mulrich made a strong impression in his first season with Seongnam FC. He scored 13 goals, ranked 5th in the scoring rankings, and showed off his strength by showing off his tall stature and penetrating power. It wasn’t in his second season. Although he scored 9 goals, there were many times when the goals were concentrated in one game. He was often pushed back in competition with the opponent’s defense, and gradually played more often as a substitute rather than a starter. Nevertheless, Suwon chose Mulich.

The recruitment trend was clear. Coach Lee Byung-geun openly said at a media camp press conference in Jeju that he prefers outside players with K-League experience. While searching for several players, Seongnam, who had been sending out high-paying players, agreed and led the recruitment of Mulich. Right now, Oh Hyun-gyu can fill the void, but doubts are rising whether Mulich will play a role in the ‘leading soccer’ promoted by coach Lee Byung-geun.

To be honest, Mulich is not a player who creates chances on his own like Oh Hyun-kyu. The advantage will be visible only when Mulich creates a space where he can freely play while distributing pressure and competition. Ahn Byung-jun and Jeon Jin-woo are important players in the center, and Kim Bo-kyung and Akosti, who will work together, need to help. Attention will be focused on whether Mulich will succeed, leaving behind the players from Eastern Europe, who were disappointed.