Jeonbuk Youngsang defeats Suwon Matango 2-1 to win ‘first title’ in U-17 Youth Championship [SS현장]

카지노사이트Jeonbuk Hyundai U-17 (Youngsang Go) has won its first tournament title.

Jeonbuk defeated Suwon Samsung U-17 (Matango) 2-1 in the high school U-17 final of the 2023 Ground.N K League Youth Championship at Cheonan Stadium on Monday to lift the trophy.

It is their first trophy and best result in the competition. Jeonbuk hasn’t won a trophy since the championship was first held in 2015, but it was a victory over ‘powerhouse’ Suwon, who won the title in 2017 and 2018.

Matango took the early lead in the first half. They aimed for the Jeonbuk goal with short passing plays. However, they lacked precision in the passing game.

Meanwhile, Jeonbuk gained momentum. In the 16th minute, Seo Jeong-hyuk’s free kick was followed by Kim Soo-hyung’s header in front of Suwon goalkeeper Lee Kyung-jun. In the 20th minute, Kwon Yeon-woo tried his luck from mid-range.

Courtesy | Korea Football Association

Jeonbuk was on the offensive and took the lead. In the 24th minute, Jin Tae-ho rattled the net after receiving an exquisite penetrating pass from Arc Beugun. Suwon didn’t back down. In the 28th minute, Park Seung-soo had a chance when he slipped a penetrating pass into the penalty box.

But Jeonbuk’s defense was solid. They were one step ahead of Suwon, intercepting passes and focusing their defense in the final third. After surviving the crisis, Jeonbuk scored one more goal in first-half stoppage time. Park Hyun-min’s penetrating pass was received by Han Seok-jin in the box, and the loose ball was finished by Choi Kang-min.

Suwon scored the consolation goal in the 11th minute of the second half. Jeonbuk goalkeeper Jin Ji-ho grabbed the second ball that was punched out and created a play once again. Kwak Sung-hoon rattled the net after receiving a pass from Yoon Hee-seo to Lee Hyun-seo.

Jeonbuk was able to pull off a super save. In the 19th minute of the second half, he made an animalistic save on Lee Hyun-seo’s shot. Suwon had to swallow their disappointment in the 26th minute when Kim Dong-yeon’s shot hit the side netting.

Despite two minutes of stoppage time, Jeonbuk held on to their lead and won their first title.