Japanese press “Eye of the typhoon, Korea, a strong rival in the WBC”

The Japanese media cited Korea as the ‘eye of the typhoon’ in Group B of the World Baseball Classic, and warned that it could become a strong rival.

Japanese media Sports Hochi analyzed Group B, which included Korea, Japan, Australia, the Czech Republic, and China, immediately after the announcement of the WBC final entry on the 10th, and said, “Samurai Japan is aiming for a new and old replacement, and the eye of the typhoon advances to the second round in three competitions. In an article titled ‘South Korea aiming for the .

Group B of the WBC finals group stage, which will be held at Tokyo Dome from mid-March, is evaluated as having the strongest power between메이저사이트 Korea and Japan.

The media said, “Samurai Japan, which has five active major leaguers, including Shohei Ohtani, who are paying attention to baseball fans around the world, has joined Samurai Japan, and only 10 out of 24 gold medalists at the Tokyo Olympics have become members in a row.” It is noteworthy whether the team undergoing a generational change, such as Roki Sasaki’s international debut, will be able to overwhelm other teams in the first round.” seemed

Then, the media said, “In Korea, which failed to make it to the second round in two consecutive tournaments, infielder Choi Ji-man did not get permission from the Pittsburgh Pirates.” He did not hide his fear of the Korean national team’s batting line, saying, “The batting line that seems like the leaguer will go into the bottom batting order is powerful.”

At the same time, Sports Hochi said, “In particular, Lee Jung-hoo, a 24-year-old outfielder whose father was Lee Jong-beom, who played for Chunichi, has a strong chance of advancing to the major leagues through the posting system.” If the veterans leave results, it is a strong rival,” he said, predicting that Korea will become Japan’s Group B rival.

On the other hand, the strength of Australia, the Czech Republic, and China was assessed as lacking. The media pointed out that Australia’s power is not the strongest, saying, “It is painful that Liam Hendricks, who was expected to pitch as Australia’s guardian, resigned due to illness.” Chicago White Sox closer Liam Hendricks was pulled from the Australian national team after being diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

As a result, only one major leaguer, outfielder Aaron Whitefield (LAA), joined the Australian national team, and most of them were minor leaguers or players playing in the Australian Professional League (ABL).

Sports Hocchi said, “The Czech Republic came up from the preliminary rounds of the preliminary match and advanced to the finals for the first time by defeating Spain in the qualifying match,” adding, “Eric Sogard, who played 815 games in the major leagues, and catcher Martin Servenka, who played in Triple A, are the main players.” explained. However, most of them are not full-time baseball players, and there are players who are concurrently working as doctors, firefighters, and teachers, so information is lacking. The media also paid attention to whether China, which was joined by outfielder Masago Yusuke, who was a member of the Softbank Hawks of the Nippon Professional Baseball League until last year, will be able to win its first victory after the third tournament.