Japan in shock of “absurd ranking”… J-League that failed to surpass the K-League again

When the professional soccer K-League overtook the Japanese J-League and firmly maintained its position as the top league in Asia for 12 consecutive years, Japan responded that it would be difficult to admit it. It is difficult to understand even though it is ahead in European emissions and Southeast Asian overseas broadcasting.

Japan’s Tokyo Sports said on the 27th, “Japan’s J-League ranked second in Asia in the world professional soccer league rankings. Asia’s No. 1 is Korea’s K-League.” It ranked first among member countries,” he said. 온라인바카라

On this day, the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) announced the world professional soccer league rankings for 2022, and the K League received 525.25 points, surpassing the J League (402 points) and maintaining its No. It is the 12th consecutive year since 2011 that the K-League has ranked first in Asia in the IFFHS league rankings. Globally, the K-League is 18th and the J-League is 30th.

However, the media explains that it is difficult to understand that the J-League lags behind the K-League. Considering the league’s competitiveness and external evaluation, the J-League surpasses the K-League and is considered the best league in Asia.

“Recently, the J-League has produced many players in Europe and is recognized for its competitiveness in the world,” said Tokyo Sports. It was a big shock to be ‘lost’ to the K-League in ‘.

“It’s a ranking that is different from what football fans think,” he said.

Meanwhile, IFFHS announced not only the league but also the world club rankings, and even in these rankings, the gap between K-League teams and J-League teams was large.

In the K-League, 10 teams rose in the top 500, including Jeonbuk Hyundai ranked 42nd, the best in Asia, Ulsan Hyundai ranked 99th, and Daegu FC ranked 133rd. On the other hand, in the J-League, the 150th place Urawa Reds Diamond was the highest, and there were only 5 teams in the top 500.