Jamsil home run king born? The goal of Park Dong-won, who is the number one home run player, is not the home run king 

Can we expect the birth of the Jamsil Home Run King after 5 years since Kim Jae-hwan (Doosan) in 2018?

As of the 15th, LG Park Dong-won is leading the home run category alone. His batting average was only 2.5 7 li (28 hits in 109 at-bats), but he hit 9 homers and transformed into a hot master of the home. What is the secret to being at the forefront of home runs while using Jamsil Stadium, the largest stadium in Korea?

He said, 메이저사이트“I prepared hard in the winter. I shortened my swing and trained hard to see the ball well. The shorter the swing, the longer the flight distance.” The help of the training part is also indispensable. Park Dong-won said, “It’s thanks to the good exercise in the training part. I feel that both the flight distance and hitting speed have improved. The hard work in both hitting training and weight training matches well.”

During the month of May 2021, Park Dong-won showed his strength with 9 home runs and a batting average of 309 202 (20 hits in 51 at-bats). Recalling the situation at the time, he said, “At the time, I hit 9 home runs in a month in May, and my pace has fallen since then. But this year (so as not to repeat the disappointment of two years ago), I am working hard on batting and weight training.”

I asked Park Dong-won if he had any desire to become the home run king. To this, he replied, “I honestly have never thought of such a title. It is my desire to win the Korean Series and win the Golden Glove because our team does well.”

LG Twins catcher Park Dong-won / OSEN DB

Having joined hands with LG in November of last year for a total of 6.5 billion won over four years, he feels a great sense of responsibility to achieve good results in his new team. He said, “He has a great sense of responsibility to lead the pitchers well and win the game without scoring as much as possible. That’s why he is preparing harder.”

Thanks to the help of his teammates, he was able to quickly integrate into the team atmosphere, he said. Park Dong-won said, “As I kept coming out (at Jamsil Stadium) in the winter to exercise, I became close with my colleagues quickly. It’s so comfortable and nice. It’s thanks to the players’ help. give,” he said.

Park Dong-won often created dangerous situations by missing the bat or hitting the catcher when batting. He missed the bat while swinging and created a dangerous situation where the bat flew into the opposing team’s dugout.

Of course, it was not intentional, but since it was a situation where a player could be injured, the voices among fans that Park Dong-won should modify his batting form to prevent this from happening again grew louder. In the past, there was also a case where he hit the catcher’s head with a bat while letting go of one hand after a miss.

Park Dong-won said, “I have been trying to fix this part for several years, but it has never happened this season. He is very careful not to injure the opposing player.”

When the reporters asked, “Please compare Myeong-geun Park and Woo-young Jung,” he said with a firm expression, “Honestly, I’m not comparing it to (Jung) Woo-young. (Park) Myung-geun throws well, but I can’t compare him to Woo-young, who is the youngest person to have achieved 100 holds.” If Myeong-geun works hard, he can become like Woo-young, but I’m not comparing the current two players.”