“I’ve become a completely different pitcher” Lee Jung-yong continues to be used as a starter… Why did he withdraw to the bullpen? [Oh!Strong Gwangju].

“I’ll use him as a starter”카지노사이트. LG Twins right-hander Lee Jung-yong will continue to start.

In a press briefing shortly after the game against the KIA Tigers, which was scheduled to be played on Tuesday at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field, was canceled, manager Yoon Kyung-yup said, “My thoughts changed after yesterday’s game. Baseball is more about the starting lineup than the middle. The starting pitching needs to be stabilized,” he said, withdrawing Lee from the bullpen.

Lee made his debut on Sept. 9 against the KIA and pitched five innings of two-hit ball with one walk and six strikeouts. It was his first career start. It was his second straight quality start, following a six-inning no-hitter against Kiwoom. He attributed his success to switching from a fastball and slider to a fork.

“Learning the forkball and curveball took my baseball to the next level. I will praise myself, but Coach Kim Kyung-tae and Coach Kim Kwang-sam worked very hard in a short time. I’ve become a completely different pitcher.”

[OSEN=Jamsil, Reporter Min Kyung-hoon] On the afternoon of July 2, the game between the LG Twins and the KIA Tigers in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ was held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul. LG starting pitcher Lee Jung-yong high-fives as he enters the dugout after finishing the third inning. 2023.07.02 / rumi@osen.co.kr

“As I threw the fork, my strikeout rate went up and my pitches per at-bat went down. It changed the way hitters think. It made them aggressive, thinking that the fork was tricky and they had to hit it before it came. I thought, “This is how baseball changes,” and I gained confidence.

Before Lee Jung-yong’s start against KIA, Yeom had announced, “I will start Lee Ji-gang in the fifth inning and Jung Yong-i will move to the bullpen.” As he gained confidence in the starting lineup, he wanted to strengthen the bullpen with his experience as a pitcher.

However, after watching the team completely dominate the KIA batting lineup, which was on the rise in the second half of the day, the decision was made to use him as the starter. Yoon said, “KIA’s bats are good these days, but the hitters were fouling and swinging at forked balls without timing. I appreciated this. I thought it was competitive.”

“It’s good to be in the spotlight. It’s good to be in the spotlight, and it’s good to be introduced by name,” he said, secretly showing his desire to start. Now, he will be a part of the leading defense as the fifth starter.

“Lee Ji-gang will go to the bullpen, but we will utilize him as the sixth starter. Together with Kim Yun-sik in the second team, we are preparing seven starters.” /sunny@osen.co.kr