“It’s different from three years ago”… Will the WS winning shortstop, who returned after ‘bulking up’, pass the 4th hitter test?

 “I think it will definitely be different from 2020.”

Kiwoom Heroes recruited Addison Russell (29) as a foreign hitter in 2023.

Three years ago, Russell and Kiwoom had a bad relationship. Russell, who wore a Kiwoom uniform as a substitute foreign player, stayed with a batting average of .254 and 2 home runs in 65 games.

He has attracted ahttps://animeyoy.com 토토사이트 lot of attention since he came as a key player in the Chicago Cubs World Series victory in 2016, but he returned only to be disappointed with his less than perfect condition.

Kiwoom, who spent a season with Yasiel Puig last year, joined hands with Russell again this season. He judged differently than before.

He showed an upgraded appearance in batting, such as hitting 24 home runs in 80 games in the Mexican League. At the same time, he hoped that promising shortstops such as Kim Hwi-jip and Shin Jun-woo would grow while watching Russell play.

An exhibition game that started on the 13th. Russell started as the fourth hitter.

He is a foreign player with strength in defense, but he hoped that he would show off his presence in the other line as his hitting has improved recently.

Director Hong Won-ki Kiwoom did not give much meaning to the fourth hitter for the past two years,” he said, relieving Russell of the burden. Still, “Last year, Puig played a good role as a central hitter. I expect that Russell will definitely be different from 2020.”

What has definitely changed from 3 years ago is his physique.

Coach Hong said, “I’ve improved a lot physically. Just because my physique has grown doesn’t mean I’m going to be the number 4 hitter. I’m going to watch him play against the opposing pitcher. First of all, I’m going to go to Russell as the number 4 hitter until the beginning of the season.” It will help if the hitter shows a lot of RBI and slugging power in the center line.”

Although his physique has grown, he has no defensive concerns. Manager Hong said, “As a result of checking at the camp, there is no major hindrance (to the defense). He said he was planning to lose weight during the demonstration game. I don’t think bulking up is a big hindrance to movement.”

In fact, in the match against Gocheok KT on the 13th, in the top of the 3rd inning, Russell caught Jo Yong-ho’s hitting ball while flying, showing off his strength in defense.