It is necessary to properly understand who the competitor is in the ‘King of Crisis’

“There is no definite seat. You will have to find your place through competition.”

Around this time, it is a story that can be heard the most from directors. It is a strategy to create synergy among players by creating a competition for position.

Even after saying this, there are more cases where the protagonist has been decided. It’s because there may be players who have a little more heart.

Hong Chang-ki (30), an LG outfielder, is also in a state of competition. However, the opponent is not the main player. He has to win first in competition with the backup players. He is a player who has to win the real competition.

He could get a serious liver injury if he got his current position wrong.

The LG outfield is saturated. A foreign batter ignited the outfield competition when outfielder Austin Dean joined the team.

Originally, the LG outfield consisted of right fielder Hong Chang-ki, center fielder Park Hae-min, and left fielder Kim Hyun-soo. It was a splendid composition that would not be inferior to any team.

However, one axis collapsed a little last year. This is because Hong Chang-ki could not adapt to the new strike zone and his overall performance fell.

The batting average, which was 0.328 in the 2021 season, fell significantly to 0.286.

It was painful to see his long-term on-base percentage collapse. The on-base percentage, which recorded a whopping 0.456, fell to 0.390, falling into the 40% range.

His overall performance fluctuated as his walks, which he had earned as many as 109, shrank to 59. It’s hard to say he completely screwed up, but it’s also clear that he didn’t live up to expectations.

As a result, the place became a little awkward. Dean could play first base, but his main position is the outfield. LG coach Yeom Gyeom-yeop is giving Lee Jae-won a chance as a first baseman and is trying to develop him. There is also Song Chan-eui, who is flying in the Australian league.

Hong Chang-ki has to somehow win in the outfield. However, based on the evaluation so far, it is not certain that a stable position will be given to Hong Chang-ki.

Currently, Hong Chang-ki’s opponent is not the main players, but Moon Seong-ju, the number 1 backup in the outfield. 안전놀이터

Moon Seong-joo recorded a batting average of 0.303 last year with 6 homers and 41 RBIs. He has been plagued by injuries and poor stamina, but he is sweating a lot to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Moon Seong-joo is the number one candidate to fill the vacant spot when outfielders enter the designated hitter through rotation. He is also Hong Chang-ki’s competitor at the same time.

Hong Chang-gi is not competing for the starting lineup, but first of all, he must compete for the first backup. Manager Yeom Gyeong-yeop is a manager who is good at managing the pool of key players widely and giving them breaks by using designated hitters.

It is true that the outfield also needs four or five players. Therefore, the important thing now is who will be the 4th outfielder. This is a position that Hong Chang-ki and Moon Seong-joo are competing for.

Hong Chang-ki is not a player who has shown much yet. He only hit a 300 batting average once. He’s still hard to see that he’s a constant in power. Last year’s sluggish performance can be said to be one of the proofs.

It’s not time for him to look up and run. It’s time for him to look down and be nervous. The more he hits from the bottom, the less likely he is to play. This is why he needs to know his competitors well and start preparing.

Can Hong Chang-ki escape this crisis? He seems to have to start by adapting to the widened strike zone.