‘It doesn’t matter who I fight with!’ Monster wrestler Sim Geon-oh faces Mongolian Azzargal at Road FC 063

“It doesn’t matter who I fight with.” ‘Monster wrestler’ Shim Geon-oh (34, Kim Dae-hwan MMA) is full of determination.

On the 25th, at the Goyang Gymnasium in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province, Shim Geon-oh was scheduled to face off with Kim Myung-hwan메이저사이트 (26, Extreme Combat/Double G FC), the first double-G FC heavyweight champion, but Kim Myung-hwan elbowed during training. He was dropped from the list after suffering a ligament rupture.

The replacement is Azjargal (35, Double G FC), a Mongolian fighter with heavy punches. Azjargal has a fighting style that puts pressure on his opponent, mixing kicks and punches at the right time.

He has also driven his opponents with a strong fighting spirit and has shown hot game management. Even with a sudden offer, he did not take it off like a game style, and accepted the offer to play in the game.

Now is the time to look forward to what will unfold as the confrontation between Shim Geon-oh, who is a wrestling base, and Azjargal, who is good at batting, is concluded.

After a long injury, Shim Geon-oh, who came to the cage last year for three years, lived up to his name by knocking out former professional soccer player Bae Dong-hyeon.

Shim Geon-oh calmly expressed his feelings about the change of opponent, saying, “It doesn’t matter who I fight with.” If Shim Geon-oh wins against Azjargal, it seems that he will be assigned an advantageous seed in the newly changed tournament system.