Is the 100 billion catcher the best seller for the last team? I have already received trade inquiries.

 A splendid career that shines as an All-Star 7 times, Gold Glove 5 times, and Silver Slugger 4 times. The master of the house is recording 1339 hits, 237 home runs and 769 RBIs in his major league career. In 2021, with 48 homers and 121 RBIs, he is a catcher who shines with two American League home runs and RBIs. This year, he also showed steady hitting with a batting average of .275, 14 homers and 37 RBIs.

Maybe it’s the best sale the last team has. 스포츠토토The Kansas City Royals are currently the weakest team in the American League along with the Oakland Athletics. Kansas City, which is showing a very poor record with 18 wins and 48 losses (.273 win rate) in 66 games this year, is 15 games behind the Minnesota Twins, who rank first in the American League Central Division, so it does not seem very likely to advance to the postseason.

Preparing for the future rather than the present can be the most realistic choice. Salvador Perez (33), a big shot catcher, is considered the best trade that Kansas City can offer.

Of course, Kansas City didn’t publicly gesture to trade Perez. Recently, Kansas City general manager JJ Piccolo told local media, including the official website of Major League Baseball (, “We have no intention of trading Perez. It’s not our job.” true,” he said. Kansas City drew the line about the possibility of trading Perez, but did not deny that there were already clubs hoping to acquire Perez in a trade.

In fact, Kansas City has no reason to trade Perez in a hurry. Perez and Kansas City’s four-year, $82 million (approximately 104.3 billion won) contract runs through 2025 and includes a club option for 2026.

‘CBS Sports’ said, “Kansas City is not under pressure to trade Perez right away,” and predicted, “However, even if Kansas City catches Perez, there is a high possibility that they will actively trade.” Currently, the possibility of using veteran fireballer Aroldis Chapman as a trade card is being raised in Kansas City. Chapman, who was a successful closer in the past, is showing signs of a revival with an active ERA of 2.70 with 1 win, 2 losses and 2 saves in Kansas City this year.