In front of the police… Video of ex-Chairman Pelosi’s husband assaulted

A police bodycam video has been released when Paul Pelosi, the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was attacked at her San Francisco home in October last year.

The perpetrator brandished a weapon in front of the police.

This is Reporter Lee Bong-seok.


When the door opens, we see two men holding hammers together.

On the right is Paul Pelosi, husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and on the left is intruder David DiPape.

When the police tell him to throw away the hammer, Dipafe refuses.

<Police> “Drop the hammer. (No.)” 먹튀검증

Then suddenly, in front of the cops, he swings the hammer at Paul.

However, he was immediately subdued by the police and Paul, in his early 80’s, suffered serious injuries to his head and back.

The San Francisco court also released video of Paul’s attack and the contents of the call to 911.

<Police> “San Francisco Police. Need help?”

<Paul Pelosi / Husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi> “Here is a man waiting for my wife, Nancy Pelosi, to come back.”

Dipafe spread a conspiracy theory that former House Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Party were criminals who spied on former President Trump’s presidential campaign.

<David Defafe / Pelosi’s Husband Assault> “They are criminals. They not only spied on a rival presidential campaign organization, but also submitted fake evidence to spy on a rival organization.”

He pleaded not guilty to charges including attempted murder, saying the hammer attack was while on duty.

Pelosi, who was not at home at the time, declared that she would not run for the Democratic leadership after her husband was attacked and now serves as a senator.

This is Lee Bong-seok from Yonhap News.