“I’m in good shape” Pax of the injured fighting spirit, can he save Sacramento?

It is Sacramento where Pax’s performance has become important.

Sacramento 크크크벳has not made it to the playoffs for the past 16 years and has been selected as the weakest player in the league. But this season was a bit different. A new coach was appointed, and Domantas Sabonis (211cm, FC), who was traded last season, has definitely adapted to the team. As a result, they succeeded in advancing to the playoffs with a record of 48 wins and 34 losses in the regular season.

At the center are Sabonis and De’Aaron Pax (190cm, G). Sabonis averaged 19.1 points, 12.3 rebounds and 7.3 assists for the season, while Pax averaged 25 points, 6.1 assists and 5 rebounds. In particular, Pax showed a fiercer appearance in clutch situations and led the team’s upward trend. He also received the newly established Clutch Player of the Year award.

Pax’s performance continued in the playoffs. It was his first playoff appearance in his life, but it wasn’t a problem for Pax. He dominated the game, scoring 38 points alone. It was the second-highest score ever in his playoff debut. And in the second game, Pax scored 24 points, leading the team to two consecutive victories.

Even after that, Pax’s activity continued. Pax scored 26 points in Game 3 and 38 points in Game 4. Even so, the team lost and Sacramento faced a crisis. Meanwhile, Pax also had a problem. Pax suffered a fractured finger after Game 4. Still, Pax appeared in Game 5 and scored 24 points. However, Sacramento, who lost until Game 5, faced a crisis.

In response, Pax opened his mouth. In an interview with ‘ESPN’, Parks said, “My physical condition is fine. I can run more and I will run more. Our playoffs will continue,” he said of his physical condition.

Sacramento, who recorded three consecutive losses after two wins, faced a crisis. They made it to the playoffs as the 3rd seed, but are on the verge of being eliminated after facing the 6th seed, the “defending champion” Golden State Warriors. If they lose Game 6 or Game 7, Sacramento’s first spring basketball season in 16 years is over. Can Pax, who is showing his fighting spirit even with a finger injury, lead the team to advance to the second round? Sacramento and Golden State will play Game 6 on the 29th (Korean time).