‘I won’t miss a moment’ Female fans with cameras bring a professional basketball boom

“I won’t miss a moment.”

The 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball All-Star Game was held at the KT Sonicboom Arena in Suwon on the 15th. All 3,165 seats were sold out in 3 minutes, and fans with cameras stood out. As it is an all-star game, it is to directly capture the players’ splendid play.

There were especially many female fans. According to KBL, 79% of all-star game ticket holders were women. Female fans went through a fierce ticket war to cheer for domestic professional basketball stars such as Heo Woong (KCC), Byun Jun-hyung (KGC), and Ha Yoon-ki (KT).

Ages also varied. Everyone from their teens to their 50s picked up a camera. Ire Kim (23, female), a KCC fan from Jeonju, said, “I buy a camera and carry it with me every time to capture the spectacular performances of the players. The price of the camera is about 2 million won,” he said.

Lee Jin-ah (17), a high school student who only filmed Lee Jae-do’s play, said, “Watching basketball relieves stress. She relieves the stress of studying, especially when she sees flashy plays like dunking,” she said. Miss Lee says she has no money because she is a student and uses her cell phone to record Lee Jae-do’s play. Yang Eun Lee vowed, “When she goes to university, she will get a part-time job and buy a camera first.” 스포츠토토

Mr. A (30, female), an office worker who visited the All-Star Game with a basketball-loving friend, said, “I take a picture of Byun Jun-hyung for my personal collection. Take good photos and share them with your friends. The price of the camera is a little over 1 million won,” he said with a shy smile.

He doesn’t just have girl fans. Mr. B (56, female), who self-proclaimed ‘Ajumma fan’, said with a broad smile, “Going to the basketball court and taking pictures of the players is a new hobby for me.”

Ms. K (45, female), who was watching the game from a wheelchair seat, eagerly captured the players’ movements on her smartphone while riding in a wheelchair. Mr. K said, “It seems that the players prepared hard. I’m going to have fun watching it.”

She didn’t just have female fans. A male fan in his 30s said, “I like flashy basketball games. I think it’s meaningful if you take a picture yourself and leave it as your own record. I mainly take pictures of Lens Abando (KGC) running.”As expected from the all-star game where all the stars go out, the fans cheered enthusiastically. There were also many fans who made pickets and cheered for the players. A child fan made two placards in support of Ha Yoon-ki and cheered hard with her mother. In addition, countless fans held up the player’s uniform and picket and went wild with each player’s movements. On this day, the players responded to the enthusiastic support of the fans with their wonderful play.