“I will help the women’s team” Ronaldo kept his promise, Al Nasr encouraged the women’s team

Cristiano Ronaldo (38) visited the Al Nasr women’s soccer team and instilled confidence.

Ronaldo entered the Saudi Arabia League at the end of last year on the condition of receiving an annual salary of 200 million euros (about 270 billion won)메이저사이트 . Ronaldo, who drew attention from all over the world, scored his debut goal in an away match against Al Fateh on the 4th (Korean time).

Ronaldo scored a valuable equalizer that saved Al Nasr from defeat. In the second half of the extra time, when the score was 1-2, he calmly succeeded in the penalty kick obtained by the opponent’s foul, contributing to a draw. Ronaldo showed off his fighting spirit by putting the ball straight to the half line without his typical goal ceremony.

It was Ronaldo’s first goal for Saudi Arabia. Ronaldo, who had been criticized for not scoring in the previous two official matches, was not a field goal, but he relieved the burden of scoring.

Ronaldo kept his promise when he joined with his debut goal. Ronaldo, who misunderstood Saudi Arabia for South Africa at the signing ceremony early last month, made an important oath. Ronaldo expressed his desire to join Al Nasr because he wanted to “inspire not only the young boys, but also the Al Nasr women’s team.”

Ronaldo actually found and encouraged the Al Nasr women’s team. Al-Nasr posted a video of Ronaldo meeting with the women’s team players on the club’s channel. Giving the thumbs up to the female players, Ronaldo motivates them to “keep going” and wishes them good luck.