“I think it will work out” ex-major leaguer’s praise… Sidearm, a rookie who will lead the future LG mound, will catch the heart of Galyang Yeom

JTBC ‘Strongest Baseball’, which is adding great power to the popularity of Korean baseball. The strongest Monsters had a match against the U-18 national team at Gocheok Sky Dome on August 28 last year. While the match was held on Intuition Day, many fans visited the Gocheok Sky Dome to support the players of both teams.

At the time, while the younger brothers brought the legendary brothers a 6-3 victory, the legends applauded and encouraged the young players who would lead the future of Korean baseball with admiration. 메이저사이트

Former major leaguer Kim Seon-woo, who is in charge of commentating on ‘The Strongest Baseball’, left these words after seeing Lee’s pitching and performance. “I think it will work out, that player.”

The player Kim Seon-woo mentioned is sidearm pitcher Park Myeong-geun. At the time, Park Myeong-geun, who was wearing the number 4 on the mound, struck out Chung Eui-yoon with 2 outs at the end of the 3rd inning. Afterwards, Lee Taek-geun turned to a ground ball thanks to the third baseman’s rain. Then, he struck out Ryu Hyun-in, Lee Hong-gu, and Kim Moon-ho with a swing and struck out, imprinting his name properly on the baseball fans who visited the Gocheok Sky Dome.

Park Myung-geun, a native of Raongo, was nominated by the LG Twins with the 27th pick in the 3rd round of the 2023 KBO draft held last September. He was judged for his first-round nomination feeling, but was not called up until the second round due to his rather dwarf physique. He stood at 174 cm, a short height for a pitcher. LG, who did not know that Park Myeong-geun would come to the third round, brought him in by calling his name right away.

LG sees Park Myung-geun immediately as a sense of power. He has a powerful ball that can reach speeds of up to 150 km/h. His arm swing is simple and his pitching motion is very fast. Above all, he doesn’t shake too much on the mound. Even Park Myung-geun himself writes ‘dumbness’ in the merits section of the ‘profile I write’, which the club created to use as SNS content. The club hopes that he will grow into a key sidearm pitcher for LG in the future along with Jung Woo-young.

After the nomination, LG said, “Park Myung-geun has a fast ball speed and good power at the end of the ball. Along with his aggressiveness on the mound, his crisis management skills are excellent and he has a sense of stability.”

Seeing in person is the best way to evaluate a player. On the 30th, LG will depart for Arizona, USA for battery training in 2023. From February 1st to March 6th, coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, 19 coaching staff, and 43 players including captain Oh Ji-hwan will participate.

A total of 26 pitchers, including Go Woo-seok, Casey Kelly, Adam Plutko, Jung Woo-young, and Kim Jin-seong, are heading to Arizona, and Park Myung-geun proudly made his name. He is the only rookie to participate in spring camp. This shows how much LG expects Park Myung-geun.

Just going to the spring camp is of great help to Park Myung-geun. You can learn new things by watching the pitching of many brothers. In particular, Park Myung-geun’s role model is KBO Hold King Jung Woo-young. If Park Myung-geun realizes something by watching the pitching motion of his role model from the side and asking questions, that alone can be considered a success for the first spring camp.

If last year’s finish camp was a rehearsal to feel what a professional stage is like, spring camp, the preparation stage for a full-fledged season, is where the first episode of Park Myung-geun’s drama begins.

Will it be able to capture the hearts of Park Myeong-geun and Yeom Gal-ryang, who captured the hearts of former major leaguers?

Park Myung-geun’s future is expected to be a member of the LG Pilseung bullpen along with Jung Woo-young.