I missed the previous crown, but… Kim Min-sun, you did well enough

Unfortunately, she failed to achieve all crowns, but announced the birth of a new empress in ice.

Kim Min-seon (24, Uijeongbu City Hall) competed at the 2022-2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Speed ​​Skating World Cup 6th Competition Women’s 500m Division A (Part 1) held at the Rodova Arena in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland on the 18th (Korean time). ), recording a time of 38 seconds 08 and a silver medal around her neck.

On this day she started in the group 8 in-course. She ran her first 100m in 10.49. She crossed the finish line in 38.08. It was a little later than her 5th meet’s 37.90. Then, Vanessa Herzog (Austria) played in Group 9. She moved up to first place, pushing Min-sun Kim out with 37 seconds and 96. Kim Min-sun confirmed her silver medal.

Kim Min-seon swept all five 500m gold medals in the first to fifth competitions. If she wins this 6th event, she will be able to set the record of ‘World Cup 500m crown in a single season’. She swallowed her regret as she couldn’t solve the last puzzle안전놀이터.

Despite her previous crown failure, Kim Min-sun’s performance was dazzling. It was the first time in about 7 years since Lee Sang-hwa (her retirement) in the 4th tournament of the 2015-2016 World Cup that a Korean athlete won the World Cup women’s 500m.

Kim Min-sun won gold medals in all of her 1st to 5th competitions, as well as the ISU Four Continents Championships and the Winter World University Games (Winter Universiade). This season, she also firmly held the top spot (354 points) in the World Cup women’s 500 m rankings. Following her idealization, she emerged as zero by tricking the bird bing. This is why we are focusing our attention on our future steps.