“I lost my expectations…” Koo Chang-mo, who heard the news from Japan, burns with enthusiasm

NC Dinos Koo Chang-mo made a dramatic entry into the Asian Games. On the 9th, KBO announced that Gu Chang-mo was listed in the final 24-man entry for the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team. The Asian Games baseball team is subject to entry selection for players under the age of 24 or under the age of 4 years as a pro. Gu Chang-mo, 26 years old, boarded as a ‘wild card’. As he has been evaluated as the next national left-handed ace following Kim Gwang-hyun and Yang Hyeon-jong, this Asian Games also has a big role for Gu Chang-mo to play.안전놀이터

Gu Chang-mo is currently undergoing rehabilitation. He started against the LG Twins in Jamsil on the 2nd and after throwing 5 balls in the 1st inning, he felt elbow pain and voluntarily gave up. Afterwards, he was diagnosed with a microscopic injury to his flexor muscle, and he has been in rehab for about 3 weeks. The fact that a player undergoing rehabilitation was selected for the entry means that it is a must-have power even after the national team coaching staff and power reinforcement committee have recovered.

Gu Chang-mo is projected to be able to return to the first team before the All-Star break in July at the earliest. In order to accelerate his return even a little bit, he left for Japan’s Iijima Nursing Home, a rehabilitation center, and is currently entering a rehabilitation program there. As he was injured right before the entry for the Asian Games was confirmed, there were concerns that Gu Chang-mo might fall off the horse. Another selection agent for the national team, KT Wiz Sohn So-jun, was out of the season due to elbow surgery, so he was also unable to participate in the Asian Games. Gu Chang-mo himself was worried and regretful, but the opportunity to wear the Taegeuk mark again came.

Koo Chang-mo, who heard the news of the final entry selection in Japan, said, “On the one hand, I am happy and grateful to be listed on the Asian Games entry in a difficult situation.” “he said. Gu Chang-mo said, “I want to show a good image to the extent that they believed in me and chose me. I will definitely come back healthy and repay you with an image that does not go against your expectations.”

NC coach Kang In-kwon also said, “I have a strong desire to concentrate on treatment even if I go all the way to Japan myself. If things go smoothly, a quick return is possible. More than anyone else, Chang-mo Koo wants to come back and play the game.”