I invested 59.1 billion saying that this player is better than Kim Gwang-hyun… ‘Betrayal’ up to injury to ‘ERA 5.42’

Kim Gwang-hyun (35‧ SSG), who took on the major league challenge ahead of the 2020 season, broke through the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) and left a meaningful result. A typical example is that he played 8 games in the shortened season in 2020 and achieved good results with 3 wins and an average ERA of 1.62.

In 2021,토토사이트 he went 7-7 with a 3.46 earned run average in 27 games (21 starts). He could not complete the regular innings and was injured in the middle, but he did not complete the season, but his annual investment of 4 to 5 million dollars was a contribution to the team that was more than enough to recover. Kim Kwang-Hyun left a respectable record of 10-7 with an average ERA of 2.97 in 35 games (28 starts) for two years in St. Louis.

However, before the 2022 season, St. Louis chose left-hander Steven Matz (32) instead of Kim Gwang-hyun, effectively sorting out the relationship. Matz made his major league debut with the New York Mets in 2015 and was a lefty with a record of 31 wins over six years. In particular, in 2021, he came out to the market after recording 14 wins and 7 losses with an average ERA of 3.82 in 29 games as a member of Toronto.

He was a more dominant player in his overall career than Kim Gwang-hyun. And he was 3 years younger than me. He wasn’t without merit in the St. Louis selection. However, it was controversial whether it was correct to invest 44 million dollars (approximately 59.1 billion won) over four years in Mats, who had frequent injuries and had never played a single regular inning. Opinions such as “The market price is this much” and “Still, 4 years is too long” were fiercely opposed.

As a result, Matz’s St. Louis career has been plagued by stagnation and injury. Last year, his first season in St. Louis, Matz appeared in just 15 games (10 starts). I had shoulder pain in 2020 when I was with the Mets, but it was largely because I had a problem with my shoulder again in May of last year and missed a considerable period of time. Meanwhile, he went 5-3 with an ERA of 5.25. His digested innings was only 48. Looking at the results alone, he would have been better off just keeping Kim Gwang-hyun.

This year, he digested spring training in good health and entered the starting rotation of the team, but his performance is also low. He has pitched 41⅔ innings in his first 8 games of the season, but is still 4-0 with a 5.62 earned run average without a win. There has never been a quality start (less than 3 earned runs over 6 innings), one of the symbolic indicators of starting pitcher stability. He is one of the players who symbolize St. Louis’ frustrating early season. His career earned run average at St. Louis is 5.42.

▲ Mats became an ordinary pitcher while struggling with various bad factors such as poor velocity and injuries.

Even compared to the best year of 2021, just two years ago, the record decline is too noticeable. Strikeouts decreased, walks and home runs increased, and the hit rate soared. In the strikeout / walk ratio, which is selected as a leading indicator of pitchers, Matsu in 2021 was 3.35. However, this year he is 2.31, which is the worst in his career. His speed dropped, probably because of a shoulder injury. In 2021, Matz’ sinker average speed was 94.5 miles per hour (152.1 km), but this year it dropped quite significantly to 93.7 miles (150.8 km). His hit rate on breaking pitches has also soared, so he is contemplating the type of pitch he chooses.

Amidst Matsu’s sluggish performance, the St. Louis starting lineup is also far from the splendor of Kim Gwang-hyun. Until the 14th (Korean time), the St. Louis starters’ ERA was 5.43, 25th in the league, and 1.58 on base per inning (WHIP) was 28th. They lost 16 times while winning 6. There may not be one or two problems with St. Louis, the league’s most disappointing team this season, but in the end, it is evaluated that the collapse of the starting lineup is decisive.

Jack Flaherty, who was expected to be an ace, had the worst start with an ERA of 6.18, while Matz (5.62), Miles Michaels (5.40), Jordan Montgomery (4.11), and Jake Woodford (5.40) were all sluggish. Veteran Adam Wainwright has returned, but neither Wainwright has been a savior so far. With Flaherty, Michaelas, and Mats in need of awakening, there is interest in how Mats will spend the remaining two and a half years.