How Neymar happened to be “the biggest failure in football history”

 Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) paid the highest transfer fee ever and Neymar (31) received harsh criticism.

Famous sports journalist Daniel Riolo raised his voice to Neymar, saying, “Do you know that Neymar is the biggest failure in history in terms of transfer fee and salary?”

Neymar changed his uniform from FC Barcelona to PSG in 2017, recording a transfer fee of 222 million euros (approximately 297.7 billion won). Neymar has been at the heart of PSG’s project to top Europe and has been in charge of the attack for years. 카지노

Neymar earned one of the highest salaries in the world while playing for his PSG. However, the expected European Champions League title from Neymar has yet to be achieved. It was defined as a big failure because the performance was small compared to the cost of Neymar.

Moreover, Neymar has been extremely sluggish since the Qatar World Cup. After his restart, he has recorded only one assist without scoring in 3 French Ligue 1 matches. In the meantime, there was also one exit. There are concerns that he has not yet fully healed from the shock of dropping out of the World Cup early.

The French media ‘L’Equipe’ also said, “Neymar’s attack points this season are excellent with 15 goals and 13 assists in 22 games, but after the World Cup, he does not live up to expectations.” Ham hasn’t gone away,” he expressed dissatisfaction with his physical condition.