Hong Ye-rin, who was defeated by defeat, regretfully lost to Japan’s strongest Saori Oshima

On the 4th, ‘Black Combat: Song of the Sword’ was held at the Suwon Convention Center in Suwon City.

The match between Saori Oshima and Yerin Hong in the Atopweight division ended with Yerin Hong’s defeat.

Saori is Japan’s strongest female fighter who won the Japanese title three years after her debut. She is the active champion of the Japanese group ‘Deep’ 안전놀이터.

Against Saori, Hong Ye-rin put pressure on the first round and played a dominant round.

However, in the second round, Saori avoided Ye-rin Hong’s blows and pressed Ye-rin Hong with her signature grappling.

Hong Ye-rin, who actively attacked in the third round to make up for her inferiority in the second round, got caught up in Saori’s strategy and caught her arm bar in 50 seconds and hit her tap.

Saori said in her cage interview, “Hong Ye-rin’s hitting was so good, her body was so soft, and I went with her grappling strategy. She is so happy to win in Korea,” she said.

This tournament was held in the form of a Korea-Japan match, and five fighters from both Korea and Japan entered the cage. Min-woo Kim, Jong-hoon Kim, Won-jun Choi, Da-won Yoon, and Ye-rin Hong participated in the Korean national team, and Seigo Yamamoto, a Korean-Japanese, participated in the Japanese national team.