“His record and swing are awesome!” US local interest in Lee Jung-hoo is getting hotter

Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes) is receiving a lot of attention in the US as well.

Lee Jung-hoo is currently participating in Kiwoom’s overseas field training in Arizona.

A club scout was witnessed here, who had noticed Lee Jung-hoo’s blow. Locally, it was presumed to be a San Francisco Giants scout.

In response, the SF fan site GPT made a fuss saying, “San Francisco is observing Lee Jung-hoo.”

In addition, McCorvey Chronical also quoted GPT’s report and commented, “Lee Jung-hoo’s record and swing are amazing.”

The media said, “It’s almost impossible to 토토사이트know how a KBO player’s record will fare in MLB, but .349/.421/.575 slash lines and 66 walks with 32 strikeouts and 23 homers are bound to be exciting anywhere.” .

It was also said that Lee Jung-hoo plays an excellent center field defense.

At the same time, he compared it to Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres). Ha-seong Kim recorded .307/.389/.491, 19 home runs, 70 walks, and 80 strikeouts in the last season of Kiwoom.

The media also introduced his batting scene, saying, “Obviously, Ha-seong Kim was not a particularly good hitter in the major leagues. It still is. If you want to get more excited about Lee Jung-hoo, look at his swing.”

Lee Jung-hoo will challenge the big league with a post after this season.

He even teamed up with Scott Boras, dubbed ‘The Devil’s Agent’, for a huge deal.

When the practice game is held, more club scouts are expected to flock to see Lee Jung-hoo.