Ham Deok-joo injury recurrence? You may not go to the hospital… “I don’t feel sick at all now.”

Ham Deok-ju (28, LG), who was replaced due to elbow pain during the game, seems to have escaped a major injury.메이저놀이터

Ham Deok-joo has been in rehabilitation for a long time after undergoing surgery to remove bone fragments in his elbow last year.

As his pain did not go away, his actual appearances were continuously delayed.

LG Ham Deok-joo went down the mound complaining of elbow discomfort in the match against Jamsil NC on the 4th. Photo = Reporter Cheon Jeong-hwan
However, he has made a perfect comeback this season. Shaking off his pain, he started throwing his own ball. Recently, he raised his fastball speed to 146 km and showed off his skills comparable to his heyday.

However, on the 4th, during the game against NC in Jamsil, the elbow pain reappeared.

He became the reason for being suddenly substituted during matches.

The departure of Ham Deok-joo, who played a key role in the game where Ko Woo-seok returned, was news like a thunderbolt.

Ham Deok-ju took the mound in 27 games this season, recording 2 wins, 0 losses, 3 saves, 8 holds, and an average ERA of 1.33, holding the center of the LG bullpen.

Without Ham Deok-joo, LG’s high-altitude march would have been impossible. Ham Deok-joo faithfully filled the gap left by injuries such as Go Woo-seok and Lee Jeong-yong, and LG was able to run the bullpen smoothly.

However, Ham Deok-joo suddenly complained of his elbow pain again and seemed to be in a crisis. His shock was even greater because it was almost impossible to build a bullpen without Ham Deok-joo.

However, he seems to have passed the worst crisis fortunately. This is because Ham Deok-ju is not complaining of great pain.

Ham Deok-joo said in an interview with MK Sports, “Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like a major injury. I’ll have to spend a day to know the exact condition, but I don’t think I’m going to go to the hospital in particular right now. It doesn’t appear to be a major injury. He’s not even ready to go to the hospital yet,” he said.

If Deok-Joo Ham is not injured as expected, LG will be able to overcome a major hurdle. It is expected to be able to block the back door more firmly with Go Woo-seok, who returned on the 4th.

For now, tonight seems the most important. If he does not get sick after tonight, Ham Deok-joo will be able to play normally. Currently, the pain is almost gone. Enough to not have to worry too much.

It remains to be seen whether Ham Deok-joo can survive this night safely and rescue LG from the crisis.