‘Golden Smashing’ towards AG… What is the ‘best ceremony’ chosen by Ahn Se-young?

The signature of ‘Badminton Signboard’ Ahn Se-young (21, Samsung Life Insurance, World Ranking No. 2) is ‘Ceremony’. As befits a young player, he has various expressions such as ‘pelvic dance, roar, and lying down on the court’.

On the 15th, ‘Sport TV News’ met Ahn Se-young at the national athlete’s village in Jincheon, Chungcheongbuk-do. In January, he announced a good start to the new year by winning the BWF India Open by defeating world No. 1 Yamaguchi.

And later, at the BWF Indonesia Open, he surprised the world once again by overcoming ‘Olympic Gold Medalist’ Marin.

It is a situation where it can be exciting to rise to the top of the ‘international competition’ for two weeks in a row. However, the interview began by calmly announcing the current situation.

Ahn Se-young said, “After attending an international competition, I devoted myself to rehabilitation for about three days. I started preparing for the league, which is a domestic competition and game in March. I am training intensely.” He said, “It was really nice to be able to beat players I’ve never beaten (such as Chen Yufei and He Bingjiao). Badminton doesn’t end with one win. Because you have to beat them again to get good results, ‘Conquering Asia’ I don’t know if I can even use these words,” he smiled.

Now, the journey towards the ‘2024 Paris Olympics’ has begun. First of all, the focus is on the upcoming September ‘

Ahn Se-young said, “Hangzhou AG and the Paris Olympics are approaching. But when I look at things that are too far away, I get greedy. Rather than thinking about being far away, I have to do my best every day.” I will do well whether it’s AG or the Olympics. I’ll do my best every day and enjoy it without thinking about being far away.”

When I watch Ahn Se-young’s game, ‘strong stamina’ and ‘sticky defense’ stand out. The part that draws people’s attention no less is the ‘ceremony’.

He explained, “When I enter the court, I try to show more and enjoy it. It’s a way to relax. (Among the career ceremonies), I like the ‘uppercut ceremony’ the most. It’s not prepared, it comes out without my knowledge.” .

He smiled and said, “Since ‘A’ is spelled in my name, there is a ceremony where I do A with my hand. (Uppercut and A) I think those two are the most memorable.”

Then, what is the impressive ceremony of the ‘other players’ that Ahn Se-young picked? Without hesitation, he picked the ‘finish line ending pose’ of short track athletes.

He said, “When you look at short track skaters, there is a pose they do as they approach the finish line. That looks really cool. It looks cool 바카라, when caught on the broadcast screen, so I want to try something like that.”

As a player with an extraordinary desire to win, he had clear goals for the future. Ahn Se-young picked ‘winning three competitions’.

He said, “Every athlete’s dream is to win the AG, Olympics, and world championships. The goal is to win a gold medal, but there are many times when I can’t be greedy, so I will do my best on the journey to AG first.” I think if I do my best, I will be able to achieve my goal.”

Meanwhile, Ahn Se-young will participate in the ‘2023 Korea Unemployment Passion Badminton League’, which started on the 17th. Major matches of this tournament will be broadcast live by SPOTV.