Gangwon in trouble… Kim Byung-ji “discussed with the club and recruited 2-3 more”

Gangwon FC fans held an emergency meeting with CEO Kim Byung-ji to urge Gangwon FC, which has recorded a winless streak of 7 matches since the opening of the K-League 1, to come up with countermeasures.

About 20 Gangwon FC fans,메이저놀이터including Jeon In-pyo, president of Gangwon FC official supporter Narsha, had an emergency meeting with CEO Kim Byeong-ji at the stadium right after the home game against Incheon United held at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon on the 16th.

As a result of the synthesis of CEO Kim Byung-ji, Chairman Jeon In-pyo, and the Internet community, they talked about △Gangwon FC B team operation policy △Gangwon FC player recruitment problem △future club-level measures.

On that day, a fan from Gangwon said that it would be better to abolish the B team operation and use the budget to reinforce the first team squad.

CEO Kim said in a phone interview with this magazine on the 17th, “We are reviewing it. (The operation of the B team) is in line with the youth policy, but it should be done in a way that can help the first team.” “The fans’ opinion is that ‘it is better to abolish the operation of Team B to create an atmosphere and budget to focus on Team 1’, and from a different point of view, the part that can support Team 1 comes from the policy to foster Team B. Two That’s all right. The club is looking at both of the above options.”

There was also talk of a summer rebound. CEO Kim said, “June-July is the time when Gangwon can reinforce it.” In response to a fan’s question, ‘Isn’t the investment in recruiting Gangwon FC players too small this year?’ Yoo In-soo and Kim Woo-suk came in. All these five players are still in the lineup of the best 11 and 18. Regarding the budget, such as player salaries, an amount not less than last year was invested.”

Currently, among Gangwon FC fans, the reaction to the club is mixed, and CEO Kim emphasized the ‘one team’. Not a single fan declared a boycott of cheering that day, but right after the game, a small group of 6-7 fans held a banner reading ‘Is spring coming to us too’ and made their first protest performance toward the club. CEO Kim said, “Yesterday, I told the fans, ‘The more difficult times, the more we have to go with one mind. Thank you for your support and support until now, and please wait a little longer.’ I am grateful. I will work hard to have this kind of place in good times, not in difficult times.”