‘Foreign player new face, return of injured’ season of the highest ranking competition, the second half is more intense

The festival is over. Again the court becomes a battlefield. The second half is approaching hotter than the first half with new foreign players and the return of injured players while the competition for rankings is ongoing.

no one can be relieved Anyang KGC, which leads the team throughout the season, is relatively relaxed, but KGC coach Kim Sang-sik always emphasizes that they should not be vigilant. He said, “Sometimes it feels good to have a gap of three games, but at some point it narrowed it down. You can never be relieved until the end,” he said. At the end of the first half, KGC was ahead of 2nd placed Changwon LG by 4 games.

2nd place is a mess. Ulsan Hyundai Mobis and Seoul SK, tied for third place behind LG, are chasing with a difference of one game. Goyang Carrot and Jeonju KCC, tied for 5th place right below, are also 1 game away from 3rd place. Suwon KT ranked 7th, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation 8th, Wonju DB 9th, and Seoul Samsung 10th.

Changes in the second half are more in the middle and lower ranks than in the upper ranks. The lowest-ranking Samsung faces the second half with both foreign players replaced. On the 12th, it was announced that they had recruited Darral Willis and Anthony Moss, and they pledged to reproduce the appearance they had in the first round. Samsung, which started the season with Marcus Derrickson and Emmanuel Terry, drew a downward curve after Derrickson’s injury. Terry exposed his limitations, and Derrickson’s replacement foreign player Jonathan Alledge was not the answer either.

On the other hand, Carrot recruited Alledge, who had parted ways with Samsung. After David Simon’s injury, Carrot, who spent the season with Didric Lawson, is trying to diversify his offensive options with Alledge. Through Alledge, who recorded a 43.3% 3-point shot success rate in Samsung, Lawson’s burden is reduced and more 3-point shots are expected along with Jeon Seong-hyun and Lee Jung-hyun. Carrot plans to reinforce the guard line by returning to Han Ho-bin in the second half.슬롯사이트

KCC and KT face each other in the debut match of the new face of the Philippines. KCC Calvin Jeffrey Epistola and KT Dave Ildefonso have completed registration ahead of the final game of the first half. It was already possible to play, but I decided to take part in the first match after getting in sync with my colleagues. Both Epistola and Ildefonso take on the guard the team needs. Depending on how much Epistola and Ildefonso ease the burden on Jung Sung-woo, it will affect the final rankings of KCC and KT.

KOGAS, which is having an exceptionally ups and downs season, pins its hopes on the return of domestic players. Jeong Hyo-geun, who was absent after the Christmas game, is expected to return in time for the second half. Lee Dae-heon and Cha Ba-wi, who played with injuries, are also looking forward to playing on the court in better condition in the second half. Gas Corporation coach Yoo Do-hoon finished the first half and said, “As the players return, I will train while paying attention to breathing during the break. We will prepare our players to show better organization in both offense and defense.”

The real battle starts now. Every team puts their lives on the line to climb even one step higher. KT Ha Yoon-gi, who was the main character of the All-Star Game, also said, “From now on, one win is very important. I will show a good performance so that I can win every game more seriously in the future.”