‘First goal, second goal’ Correlation between K-League 1 ranking and goal scoring rate

 Kangwon coach Choi Yong-soo finished the 6th round home game against Jeju on the 9th with a 0-1 defeat of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ and said, “The K-League flow is kept as it was in the past, and it is unconditional rather than metallurging points. It’s a trend of scoring and winning games.” Looking at the results up to the 6th round, there is nothing wrong with what coach Choi said.

Up to round 6, league rankings and points scored are directly proportional. The top 6 teams in scoring were placed 1st to 6th. 2nd place in scoring (13 goals) Ulsan led the league, and 1st place in scoring (14 goals) Daejeon Hana ranked 4th. 3rd in scoring (12 goals), Seoul is 3rd, and 4th in scoring (10 goals), Pohang is 2nd. 5th place Gwangju and 6th place Suwon FC scored 8 goals, tied for 5th place. Jeonbuk, Daegu, Incheon, Jeju, Gangwon, and Suwon, who are ranked 7th to 12th, are all suffering from a scoring problem.

Just because he scored a lot of goals doesn’t mean he’s accumulated a lot of points.메이저사이트 The actual goal-to-expected goal ratio of the top six teams outperforms the bottom six teams. The expected goal (xG) ranking, ‘calculated by considering various variables such as shooting position, defender position, angle, situation, etc.’ ) Daejeon (7.90) Suwon (7.58), Pohang (7.56) Jeju (7.27) Suwon FC (7.25) Jeonbuk (6.99) Seoul (6.36) Gwangju (6.31) Daegu (5.69) Gangwon (4.62). It is noteworthy that Incheon and Suwon are ranked 1st and 4th, respectively, and Seoul is ranked 9th.

The ratio of actual goals scored to expected goals tells a different story. Daejeon (1.65) Seoul (1.57) Ulsan (1.41) Pohang (1.32) Gwangju (1.27) Suwon FC (0.97) Jeonbuk (0.86) Daegu (0.70) Suwon (0.66) Incheon (0.48) Jeju (0.41) Gangwon (0.22) am. It can be seen that Incheon and Suwon, which had high expected scores, fell to 10th and 9th respectively. Incheon is the team with the largest difference between actual and expected goals. Excluding penalties and own goals, the actual score is about 5 goals short. It means that he failed to make use of decisive opportunities consecutively. Incheon is in 9th place after recording a goalless draw in the last 3 games in a row.

On the contrary, Daejeon scored about 5 more goals than expected. He overcame low odds and scored more goals than expected, causing a sensation in the early stages. Daejeon suffered its first loss of the season against Suwon FC in the 6th round. It is not an exaggeration to say that these ‘5 goals’ separated the early performances of the two teams. Ulsan and Seoul scored more than 3 goals compared to expected goals, while Gangwon and Jeju scored 3 goals less than expected. In order for teams that are in the lower ranks to accumulate points, they must “score unconditionally” as coach Choi said. A good example is Suwon FC, which overturned the game 5-3 in the second half after being pulled 1-3 in the 6th round match against Daejeon.